about us


Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd. (stock code: SH603877; hereinafter referred to as “PEACEBIRD”) is a retail oriented multi-brand fashion company. Upholding its mission to “Let Everyone Enjoy the Fun of Fashion” and help customers to “LIVE SHINING LIFE”, PEACEBIRD is committed to providing customers with fashion products of high quality at the competitive price.
In 1995, Mr. Zhang Jiangping and his associates established the brand of PEACEBIRD based on the prototype of peace dove representing freedom, peace and beauty.
  • PEACEBIRD implements a brand-grading development strategy and has developed several brands, including “PEACEBIRD WOMEN”, “PEACEBIRD MEN”, “LEDIN”, “MATERIAL GIRL” and “MINI PEACE”, “PEACEBIRD LIVIN'”, etc. These brands are tailored for differentiated market segments and complementing each other in terms of target customers, brand positioning and design style, satisfying customers’ increasingly diversified needs.
  • PEACEBIRD also implements a fashion-oriented strategy, highly focusing on product R&D integrating the latest fashion elements and the traditional brand styles in product design, to enhance its competitiveness. PEACEBIRD has devoted itself to the development of its own brands since its foundation, and has now built a highly fashion-sensitive R&D team with global visions. PEACEBIRD launches more than 9,000 new products with diversified styles and colors on the market each year at a high frequency.
  • PEACEBIRD adopts a sales model composed “mainly of own stores and franchisees complemented by agency-based sales”, with a network of more than 4000 stores across 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. Meanwhile, PEACEBIRD is also actively developing its on-line business, integrating and promoting its on-line and off-line sales at a same rapid pace.
PEACEBIRD upholds the brand concept of “LIVE SHINING LIFE”. Following are the seven core values of PEACEBIRD. We believe in people. We insist on unyielding integrity. We love fashion. We are born to amaze customers. We love changes, thirst to innovate. Keep it simple. Remember the founders and every associate. PEACEBIRD strives to create a loving, harmonious and happy home-like business environment for all members of PEACEBIRD.
PEACEBIRD takes it its mission to “Let Everyone Enjoy the Fun of Fashion” and seeks to seize opportunities in the garment industry of China to provide quality fashion products with at competitive price, with the view of making “A Great Fashion Brand Retailer”.