• LEDIN 2019 Fashion Show "beANOTHER" ...



    [May 10, 2019, Shanghai] LEDIN brings new products to the Expo Creative Show with 2019 new products. The theme of "be ANOTHER " is to innovate the three series of KISS, NEON and IN. Follow a fixed trajectory, or a girl, or a cool retro. LEDIN teamed up with Zhang Ruonan, Song Wei, Qiang Dongyu, Ma Wei and other artists to let go of their shackles, convey confidence and courage, explore the "new genes" that are not discovered in the heart, and enjoy more fun in the world. Show that girls dare to express themselves, not afraid of others' eyes not to follow the trend. The future is boundless, the exploration is not limited, and the music is not stopped.

    On the day of the event, LEDIN gathered a large number of different attitudes, and the artists of the same style and KOL entered the labyrinth of Pan God to have fun together and explore the fun of LEDIN. Chinese mainland actress Zhang Ruonan changed the sweet shape of the past, and the white shirt was mixed with a metal leather sling. The multi-element combination was well-defined, and the personality and sweetness were properly matched. The Chinese actress Song Wei, this time wearing a purple profile The suit is paired with the same color shorts, and the white rabbit cooperate with the overall style. It is gentle and gentle and shows the current IT girls' free and easy. The Chinese pop singer Dong Dong, the day's plaid bubble Sleeve becomes the design focus, supplemented by high-waist leather skirts, full of contours, with a ghostly girl and sweet but not one-of-a-kind; Chinese actress and singer Ma Wei, with a non-replicable Qing Li interpretation of black openwork dress She is more transparent and light under the lotus leaf. The attendees and KOL show their rich, three-dimensional, free and true multi-faceted charms to their girls in different styles. They lead everyone to focus on their innermost feelings, discovering themselves and creating differences in the process of constantly trying and thinking.


    This time, LEDIN brings a new three series, showing the girl's multifaceted and real state. The KISS series features a bright pink plaid as the main pattern, embellished with fantasy elements, delicate embroidery, large puff sleeves, and other girls, showing a dreamy, sultry and transparent image of a girl.

    LEDIN has been exploring and developing more deeply and broadly in the fashion field. No matter what challenges it faces, it still maintains the image of “give, ghost, share and play”. The LEDIN 2019 FASHION SHOW shows that the brand is loyal to the original concept, constantly surpassing itself and creating endless possibilities.

  • PEACEBIRD Cross-border Chinese Brand day ...


    If over the past two decades, the PEACEBIRD is completing the original accumulation of the clothing foundation; then, the current PEACEBIRD is committed to being a national leader, representing the industry and leading the industry.

    The product strengthens the original personality design, integrates the elements of retro street fashion, sports and leisure, and combines brand marketing, and crosses the boundaries with Sesame Street, Phoenix Bicycle, Tetris and so on to convey the brand's youth, personality and fashion DNA. When the tide brand and designer brand rise, the PEACEBIRD grasped the design trend in time; when the joint name, flash, cross-border, etc. were not popular, the PEACEBIRD took the lead and made bold attempts to create a precedent.

    Just as Zhang Jiangping, the founder of PEACEBIRD, has always insisted: "Reform and transformation are things that the peacebird has been doing for many years. For the brand, innovation is happening all the time. The transformation direction of the peacebird is more fashionable. younger."

    On May 10th, as a representative of China's fashion apparel brand, Taiping Bird appeared on the China Brand Day with “PEACEBIRD TIME” and boarded the CCTV news network, which brought a brainstorm about “national tide”. At the same time, the three-day pop-up store also appeared on the scene.

    In the historical passage area of ??the entrance, it records the important development nodes of the "Peacebird TIME" main publication, such as the "PEACEBIRD TIME" main publication. In the interactive space, the simulation "TIME" is available, and the Victorian vending machine "sells the surrounding area". And in the form of long newspapers, the "May 4th" Taiping Bird brand long graphic is displayed.

    On the product conveyor belt, the company will display the latest models of its five major brands. PEACEBIRD Women's x Tetris joint name, PEACEBIRD men's clothing x Sesame Street joint name, Lecho x American designer brand OC joint name, MATERIAL GIRL and little policewoman's joint name, and Mini Peace and Bugs Bunny's joint name in the simulation publishing industry Looping transmission on the assembly line, technology, retro and fun.

    Among them, the PEACEBIRD Men's x Sesame Street joint name just in 2019, the moon is New York Fashion Week, bringing the voice of "fusion, co-creation, youth".

    "The seven major brands, different IP, will bring consumers a variety of goods, but also present more personalized consumer demand." Zhang Jiangping explained, "We will be the latest IP cooperation in the assembly line The fun, good-looking show also expresses the pursuit and lead of the Taiping Bird in fashion."

    On the degree of fun, the video interactive area in the flash space of the “National Trends Newspaper”, the pull-out clothing filing cabinet, and the exclusive message interaction area are not inferior. Consumers can see the latest series of videos of the Taiping Bird brand in the photo exhibition area to learn the coolest wear in the moment; to the exclusive news interactive chain, take a special "PEACEBIRD TIME" lucky; go to the filing cabinet and check the latest IP of the Taiping Bird Show Chen clothing, enjoy the fun of fashion...

    Through the creative space setting of the futuristic, the “National Trends Newspaper” flash shop of Taiping Bird has created a more futuristic time space for the “MADE IN CHINA, DESIGN BY CHINA and YOUTH MADE CHINA” and interacted with it. Activities, live broadcast experience, online red card punching, etc., marketing more influential Taiping bird "exclusive news."

  • PEACEBIRD: Youth Made China ...


    On the occasion of Chinese New Year and Western Valentine's Day, PEACEBIRD, a representative fashion brand of Chinese contemporary youth culture, once again appeared in the New York Fashion Week with the topic of “Youth Made China”. The unlimited creativity and strong inclusiveness embodied in the new generation of Chinese youth reshaped the core of fashion and injected a strong and confident youth force into global fashion industry. PEACEBIRD MEN of the PEACEBIRD invited artists Trouble Andrew and Reilly to recreate the classic IP Sesame Street, and invited “Taiping Youth” of Chinese new generation and global fashion icons to interpret this new series. PEACEBIRD showed its determination to reshape fashion, describe China and talk with the world.

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  • Peacebird Debuts First Overseas Show in New York to Increase Its Overseas Covera ...



    When the brothers established Peacebird in their hometown, they may never imagined that more than 20 years later, this brand starting from men's wear not only became younger and younger, but would “go internationally” to win recognition of stylish young people overseas. 

    New York Fashion Week Tmall China Day scheduled on February 7 around the corner will be a memorable event in the development history of Peacebird: Peacebird will make its debut on the international market in cooperation with Tmall, the E-commerce sector of Alibaba. 

    Peacebird has held big shows for many years in China and has been quite experienced with such shows. Yet, this event is different. A group of Peacebird members plan to go to New York to work out the modeling, makeup, and merchandise in detail ahead of time for formulating alternative plans to address unexpected issues. We pay much attention to this event. 

    Chairman Zhang Jiangping has always had the internationalization of Peacebird in his mind: 

    To increase its brand matrix, Peacebird has hatched Mini Peace for children, PEACEBIRD MEN and two female brands for women of different age groups, PEACEBIRD WOMEN and LED'IN.  Furthermore, Peacebird obtained the management right of MATERIAL GIRL for business in Greater China in 2013. This is a brand created by an American fashion guru for her daughter, targeting young girls born after 1995. 

    In 2015, Peacebird acquired shares of ALEXIS MARBILLE, a French haute couture brand, with the view of learning international operation expertise, enhancing Peacebird’s designing capacities and promoting the globalization of the brand. On Double 11, 2017, Peacebird made another attempt. It opened a pop-up store with Tmall for women in Taiwan.  

    Through this international show, Peacebird is giving a positive signal. More and more domestic brands are making their presence on the international stage with their innovative products and marketing efforts after they have laid a solid foundation and gained enough confidence on the domestic markets, with the view of gaining more say in the Sino-Us fashion communication. 

    “Peacebird must be a multinational company in the future”, said Zhang Jiangping.

    Out to New York

    In 2017, Peacebird held shows for both men's and women's wear.  To Zou Qian, Brand Director of Peacebird, this is how a garment company expresses its understanding of the fashion and the whole apparel industry.  "This is the attitude a fashion company would take. We are willing to spend relatively large sums of money to express ourselves through our clothes."

    It's Peacebird's tradition to express its attitude towards the fashion by hosting fashion shows. What's new about this show is that it will take place in New York, a much unfamiliar, yet much more influential city. 

    It is known to all that it takes high costs for a domestic brand to run a show alone during the internationally renowned fashion week. Therefore, even though Peacebird has been constantly promoting its internationalization strategy, it is still waiting for a more mature opportunity to enter the international market. 

    Not until Peacebird received an invitation from Tmall for New York Fashion Week China Day, Zou Qian said frankly that this show embodies the strategic cooperation between Peacebird and Tmall. On the other hand, fashion designs from China will also expand the scale of New York Fashion Week and help build a bridge between the fashion industries of China and the US.  

    After deciding to participate in the fashion show, it took Peacebird only one week to build a team and less than a month to determine the theme and the general design.  It is reported that PEACEBIRD MEN and PEACEBIRD WOMEN will both participate in the New York Fashion Week China Day and the show will display the classic elements of the 1980s and the current street styles under the theme of New Studentism. At present, the products for the show are being prepared. 

    For the selection of Peacebird as its partner to participate in the show, Liu Xiuyun, General Manager of Tmall Clothing, explained, "Peacebird represents the most successful and fastest growing brand in China, passionately sought after by local young people."

    As scheduled, the 2018 autumn/winter series of Chinese brands will be presented at Skylight Modern, New York Men’s Wear Week’s official show site in the form of Runway Show and Presentation in three periods on February 7 (local time). Meanwhile, consumers around the world can immediately buy some of the products displayed at the shows on the webpage of Tmall, “New York Fashion Week Tmall China Day”.

    While brand designers need to win more buyers on such shows, popular fashion brands like Peacebird, which have won certain degrees of recognition in the domestic market, are more likely to enhance the internationalization of its own brand images through shows at New York Fashion Week. After this trial, such see-and-buy international big shows may become a routine in the future internationalization strategy of Peacebird.

    Steps of Implementing the International Strategy

    Proper preparations are a must. Peacebird began its preparation for the development of overseas market as early as 2013, when it signed management right agreement with overseas brands and acquired shares of overseas enterprises. 

    It obtained the management right of MATERIAL GIRL for business in Greater China in 2013. This is a brand created by a American fashion guru for young girls on the street.  Those efforts expanded Peacebird's original brand matrix and tapped the potentials for its future management of overseas brands in China.  In 2015, Peacebird acquired shares of ALEXIS MARBILLE, a French haute couture brand.  Such in-depth participation will help Peacebird to gain expertise in international management, promote the design capacities and other skills in the fashion industry and capture more international fashion resources. 

    Peacebird is patient and with strategic visions: It has made its first attempt towards internationalization after having accumulated expertise and resources in domestic apparel industry in the past 20 years.  Yet, its ambition is clear. 

    In the past few years, Peacebird’s youth-oriented business transformation sets an admirable example in the industry, which gives Peacebird the courage and confidence to take next steps. When trendy brands and designer-named brands came out, Peacebird did not miss the hint that designer’s individual styles represent the trend; when co-branding, pop-up stores and cross-sector operation becoming prevailing, Peacebird innovated on its marketing strategies in ambitious manners. 

    Peacebird is the first women's wear brand that cooperated with super international models.  This was an eye-catching event, which was later followed by many peer companies.  For example, models representing PEACEBIRD WOMEN in 2017 include quite a few international top models, namely Natalie Westling, Molly Bair, Katherine Moore, Sora Choi, Hollie May Saker, Mae Lapres, Wang Xinyu, He Cong and Ju Xiaowen. Their participation helped promote Peacebird’s reputation in the fashion circle as well as on social media. 

    Peacebird also established cross-sector and co-branding coopeation with Pepsi, Mikey Wormack (a Dutch designer), Coralie Marabelle (a French designer) and GROUND ZERO (a Hong Kong based independent designer brand), with the view of exploring multiple potentials. 

    For this show in New York, Peacebird has prepared a co-branded series developed in joint efforts with Coca-Cola, a familiar fast-selling brand in the United States: “Coca-Cola is a cultural image popular among students in the 1990s. We combined the elements of current popular fashion design and sought to represent the spirit of the two brands in the 1990s."

    In the future, Peacebird will look out for more scenarios for international communication and means of expression that best suit Peacebird. According to Zhang Jiangping, the core idea of IP cooperation is to choose elements in the spirit of IP and display those elements through products so as to reach the heart of young consumers. 

    The capitalization operation provides substantial support for the youth-oriented transformation strategy. On January 9, 2017, Peacebird (Stock code: 603877) was officially listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, financing 1,529 billion yuan for increasing physical stores and O2O channel construction. Peacebird plans to open 2,000 stores within five years, including 238 direct-sale stores.

    Peacebird Seeks Overseas Development Through E-commerce and New Retail Model

    In 2016, the retail sales of Peacebird exceeded 10 billion yuan; In 2017, the retail sales realized by Peacebird through its E-commerce sector accounted for about 25%. Zhang Jiangping once outlined the goals of Peacebird’s sales for the future three years: To increase the sales volume to 20 billion yuan, with 10 billion yuan realized through online sales, accounting for 50% of the total.

    The domestic E-commerce market has matured, while the overseas market is still a blue ocean if the population is considered. In such a context, the new retail model and the step-out strategy are undoubtedly two big chips to reach the goals.

    Prior to this International Fashion Week, Peacebird has made a trial in Taiwan, drawing the traffic and influencing advantages of the Double 11 last year, in the form of a pop-up store with Alibaba’s data and technical support. 

    Southeast Asia is another region for the initial implementation of Peacebird’s internationalization strategy. To Peacebird, while brand internationalization is important, whether stores can profit and how to increase the sales are also the major concerns at present. Therefore, Southeast Asia, where the consumers and cultures are similar to domestic consumers and culture, is more suitable for the initial implementation of the strategy. 

    Zhang Jiangping further said, "The Overseas Business SBU has been established and we are now recruiting talents. We need people who understand the new retail model and who are equipped with international visions and background.  I hope the step-out plan in joint efforts with Tmall will bring big surprises from the huge overseas market." 

    The new retail model has become an accelerating drive to implement Peacebird's step-out strategy. The short-term goals Peacebird has set for the coming year include constant promotion of net profit, the commodity capacities and the influence of the brand. 

    To be specific, Peacebird will continue to practice the new retail model to promote the brand image, the big data enabling, consumer operation and the integration of the online and offline channels. Peacebird also hopes to build a retail cloud to realize the integrated operation of its online and offline sectors.  Peacebird is also planning for the smart store to be established in joint efforts with Tmall. Peacebird also plans an internal enabling program for the R&D, commercial entities, the supply chain and the retail stores, so as to complete the supply channels and shorten the commodity turnover.



  • Chairman of Peacebird Elected BoF 500 ...



    The Business of Fashion announced the BoF 500 for 2017, including Zhang Jiangping, Chairman of Peacebird. 

    The Business of Fashion (BoF), a fashion media company born in the Internet Era, is well known to the public for its authoritative and rigorous news reports winning several honors since its establishment. Each year, the business review platform announces a list of 500 key figures in the global fashion circle. A few well known figures included in the BoF 500 in the past years are Anna Wintour (Chief-editor of Vogue, USA), Bernard Arnault (President of LVMH Group), Singer Beyoncé, G-dragon, Beckham, Sue Mans and Chen Man. 

    The BoF 500 for 2017 includes not only shining stars, but also those who work unnoticed behind the curtain, and figures from the business circle but play key roles in the development of the fashion industry, who have made their unique contributions and play decisive roles in the development of the fashion industry. Besides Zhang Jiangping, also included in the BoF 500 are Shangguan Zhe (a famous designer), Liu Xiuyun (General Manager of Tmall Fashion), Liu Wen (a well-known model), Liu Qiangdong (Founder and CEO of Jd), Li Yuchun (a star singer), Xiaoxue (Elle China) and Sue Mans (President of Trends). 

    BoF describes Zhang Jiangping as follows:

    Zhang Jianping (张江平): Founder and CEO of PEACEBIRD, a well-known fashion brand in China. Peacebird, the largest fashion leader of China, shoots ads starring international super models and provides fast fashion to the public.


  • 808 Million: Highlighting Double Eleven, 2017 ...


    At 24:00, November 11, 2017, the screen froze, displaying the sales record Peacebird achieved on Double Eleven 2017: 808 million yuan.


    This sales volume evidences consumers' support and recognition of Peacebird. We are grateful to all our consumers for your trust. All our efforts and endeavors are made to meet your expectations of Peacebird. 



  • PEACEBIRD MEN’S 10th Anniversary 2017A/W Fashion Show Ignite Fas ...



    On September 28, 2017, PEACEBIRD MEN will launch the 10th Anniversary of PEACEBIRD MEN and the 2017A/W Fashion Show under the fresh brand promotional theme of "Work in Progress" at Yuz Museum Shanghai, with a number of stars present, including Li Yuchun and Wang Yibo.


    Established in 2008, PEACEBIRD MEN has built a young ambitious team of those born in the 1980s and the 1990s. The team, focusing on the fashion subculture of youth, has instilled their youthful attitude into the brand and has introduced a fashionable interpretation unique to PEACEBIRD MEN through a series of surprising cross-sector cooperative campaigns.


    This year marks the 10th anniversary of PEACEBIRD MEN. We are confident that everyone can be a hero. Every choice, a big one made by the brand or a small one by an individual, is made in the face of unknown factors and challenges. It is such brave choices that make PEACEBIRD MEN stand out.

    PEACEBIRD MEN will launch the 10th Anniversary of PEACEBIRD MEN and the 2017A/W Fashion Show under the fresh brand promotional theme of "Work in Progress" at Yuz Museum Shanghai. A number of stars, including Li Yuchun and Wang Yibo, will make their presence to help convey the fashion trends of the youth and encourage a fearless pioneering attitude towards the fashion. 

    In the past ten years, with numerous brands rising in China, PEACEBIRD MEN has been boldly trying and, drawing on all inspirations, breaking limitations of different styles from the different perspectives of the youth. The brand seeks to learn about the environment young people are in, explore their thoughts and promote fashion trends to their taste. We seek to guide the trend of the youth only because we cherish a fearless pioneering attitude. We are fearless, so we do not hesitate to debate and demonstrate, but we explore and we continue to pioneer, as only in this way can we achieve our aims.

    We take "Work in Progress" as the theme of this show to show that we are working nonstop forever with our fearless pioneering attitude. PEACEBIRD MEN began as a shirt and suit producer in an era when people liked to go about their business in former suits. At its 10th anniversary, PEACEBIRD MEN returns to its original pursuit and presents a series of shirt and suit products centering on the notion of ”office” as a key part of this show. 

    It is also hoped that this show will be an opportunity for PEACEBIRD MEN to show that it is seeking breakthrough in more cross-border products of multiple styles through a variety of off-line forms and pop-up stores while sticking to its original and central pursuit. Since 2011, PAECEBIRD MEN has boldly chosen to launch cross-border artistic events with artists from different walks: We have invited Thierry Boutemy, a top global floral artisan to launch a unique cross-border cooperative cross-border series of products; we have cooperated with Polaroid for the IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT, and, drawing on Polaroid's digital imaging technology, produced a serial images under the theme MOMENT to integrate the photographic technology and human memories; we have joined hands with Feiyue, a classic brand of China in the 1980s, to bring the classic brand back on the street; we have launched an A+ special series of products in the name of "Snoopy" in joint efforts with PEANUTS, a classic cartoon series. PEACEBIRD MEN has the courage to break the traditional composition of the men's wardrobe with deliberately designed choices. 

    This show will see the debut of two series of products to unveil PEACEBIRD MEN's reserved design for 2017 autumn/winter: A series co-launched with PLAYBOY and a co-branded series under the name "GROUND ZERO X PEACEBIRD MEN" co-developed by Peacebird and Ground Zero, a brand founded by two Chinese brothers in UK. Meanwhile, a number of limited customized products developed by Peacebird and Percy Lau, an accessory designer in Hong Kong will also be presented at this show. Material Girl, another Peacebird brand will also present its co-branded products developed jointly with UMBRO at this 10th anniversary of PEACEBIRD MEN.  

  • New Strategic Cooperation Between Peacebird and Tmall: PT Platinum Integration Opens a ...


    The new retail model opens a Double-10-Billion Era for apparel industry.  

    As a traditional brand embracing the new retail model, Peacebird has been exploring how to adapt to the new model and maximize value of shopping experience. 

    On September 20, Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd. (Stock code: SH603877; hereinafter “Peacebird”) and Tmall, a subsidiary of Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Alibaba") established a new retail strategic cooperation relationship, witnessed by  Zhang Jiangping, Chairman of Peacebird, and Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba. 

    Zhang Jiangping said jokingly that the cooperation is really a PT Platinum cooperation, where P stands for Peacebird and T for Tmall. After the establishment of the cooperation relationship, the two parties will implement strategic cooperative activities in brand building, big data enabling, consumer operation and online and offline all-channel integration. In the future, Peacebird will also join hands with Tmall to step out to explore the overseas market. 

    It is worth mentioning that the cooperation of the PT partners opens more opportunities for the cooperation between brands and platforms in the context of the new retail model.  According to Zhang Jiangping, "In the future, we will use Alibaba's innovative capabilities to enhance ourselves in smart stores, big data cooperation, etc. We do not rule out the possibility that we will jointly incubate new brands, and we will certainly use Alibaba's stepping-out plan to develop into a reputed international fashion brand.

    To support the strategic cooperation, the two parties will further integrate their data and smooth the channels for data application with the view of contributing to the brand building and better understanding and making full use of the new retail model.


    (Strategic Agreement Signing Ceremony)

    The Double-10-Billion Plan

    "We will start a double-10-billion plan through joint efforts with Alibaba, expecting to increase our online sales to over 10 billion yuan," Zhang Jiangping announced. 

    In April, Peacebird delivered its first post-listing annual financial report, with an eye-catching record of the online business results. In 2016, Peacebird’s online retail sales reached 2.1 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 20% of the total retail sales from the apparel sector of the Company, with a yoy increase of over 40%. 

    In the first half of 2017, the E-commerce continued to grow rapidly, realizing a total retail sales volume of nearly 1.2 billion yuan, with a yoy increase of nearly 50%. 

    Since the start of the E-commerce in 2008, the E-commerce of Peacebird has been performing beyond expectations and has become an indispensable sales channel of the Company. The transaction volume from the E-commerce sector is expected to approximate 3 billion yuan in 2017

    The proposal of the Double-10-Billion Plan shows not only Peacebird’s confidence in the development of its E-commerce sector, but also its confidence about its platform, channel allocation and competency building in future. The Stepping-out Plan adds even more potentials for the Double-10-Billion Plan.


    (Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba, and Zhang Jiangping, Chairman of Peacebird)

    Big Data Enabling: "People, Commodities and Stores" 

    Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba Group, said, “We have a lot of ideas about the new retail model. Basically, we want to build a retail cloud to support customers that used to do business by means of Tmall to engage both online and offline businesses.” 

    Consumer-based measures. With the upgrading of consumption and the start of the new retail era, both the buying behaviors and consumption scenarios are changing. Peacebird can make use of Alibaba's big data analysis to provide consumers with better products and service experiences in a planned and more efficient manner, so as to “let everyone enjoy the fun of fashion” and make Peacebird an outstanding retail fashion brand.  

    Commodity-based measures. Peacebird has begun to build a flexible supply chain to shorten the communication time gap between the retailers and the customers, timely identify best-selling products and reduce risks arising from slow response and hesitation. 

    The supply chain in the new retail era is data-driven, which tests the capabilities of the flexible supply chain, which, by nature, is intended to respond more quickly to better meet the consumer demands.

    Market scenario-based measures. To respond quickly to the consumer demands requires to better integrate data and information and improve the channels between online and offline supply.  "We will assess where we should ship the ordered goods with the view of shortening the supply time. It is not simply a matter of physical distance." 

    The two parties plan to break the barriers of retail channels and business forms, provide cross-channel services for consumers, strive to interact with consumers in more scenarios and cover the entire process from the consumer demand, purchase and goods return/change, with the view of providing our end consumers the best shopping experiences and promoting turnover and conversion rate.

    In the future, Peacebird will work with Tmall to create a "brand data bank." This bank will support the operation of smart stores, essentially equipping all offline entity stores with full functions at the levels of shopping guide, merchandise, consumer, and payment, thereby establishing a new retail model. Zhang Yong illustrated this with an example: After a consumer visits the Peacebird store, we will display Peacebird’s ads for him on Youku. In this way, we will complete a closed circle from end to end on Alibaba’s platform following the classic theory of user management by acquainting our customers with the brand, arousing his interest and persuading him to purchase our commodities. We can work out such a closed circle in the background. This is what we are now doing. 

    While the core brands are steadily expanding their scale, emerging and start-up brands of Peacebird are expected to grow rapidly and presented to consumers in the form of a brand matrix. The substantial support of offline channels nurtures rapid development of online business and the two will supplement and promote each other. 

    Linked readings (The following materials are provided for media to choose and include in their reports) 

    Irresistible young brand power

    Turning its 21th anniversary last year, Peacebird presents itself as a young image through its products and marketing endeavors. 

    In October 2016, Peacebird held the Birdies’ Music Festival at its head office in Ningbo to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its founding. Nearly 10,000 people crowded in the 126-acre site and celebrated its anniversary with a musical carnival. 

    Last September, PEACEBIRD MEN opened a “24-hour inconvenience store” for PEACEBIRD MEN × SNOOPY products at YOHOOD 2017 Global Trend Carnival. Peacebird also appeared at Nanjing Storm Electronic Music Festival with a PEACEBIRD SHOCK BUS.

    Peacebird is wise enough to understand that fashion KOL is the most effective breakthrough point to quickly reach out to young consumers. In the latest Peacebird Women's Autumn/Winter collection, Peacebird successfully built a frank and bold image of the modern fashion by cooperating with five highly stylish Asian girls, Fernanda Ly, Sora Choi, Yuka Mannami, He Cong and Wang Quyou, all expressed themselves in bold and free manners. 

    Peacebird’s multiple brands and youth-based strategy are playing their roles to the possibly fullest extent, with the children's wear brand Mini Peace and the start-up brand Material Girl both seeing remarkable growth. Meanwhile, the major brands also exude strong youthful influence thanks to their keen awareness of the fashion trends and quickly adopted new marketing mechanisms.



  • Birdies Flock in Wuhan for Hot Event Peacebird Store Opens in Wuhan f ...


    [Wuhan, April 29] An eye-catching Peacebird’s all-in-one collection store opened in Wanda Plazaon Chuhehan Street, Wuhan, displaying a large collection of highly stylish products of three Peacebird brands, PEACEBIRD WOMEN, PEPEBIRD MEN and Mini Peace. On the opening day, a see-now-buy-now prelude hosted by Fil Xiao Bai, a well-known IT GIRL in the fashion circle, started the night for sharp birdiesandfashionistas in Wuhan, highlighting the charms of integrated fashion DNA and fashion talents, making this store another fashionable spot on Chuhehan Street.


    At the beginning of April, the term "Hot Wuhan" stormed streets of Wuhan. In mid-April, a series of shoots of cutest schoolboys and girls saluting this landmark street was wide spread through Wechat moments, announcing the early advent of the hot summer of Wuhan. 



    Hot Wuhan, a Fashion Image of the City 

    More than a background for the street shoots, this busiest street was occupied by striking red birdies before April 29. The opening of the Peacebird’s all-in-one collection store on April 29 set the whole street on fire. 

    The highly stylish store presents many new fashions that were launched in Wuhan for the first time. A space of 1200 square meters blends in all the young ideas and creates a fashion space integrating modern and futuristic senses with the simplest lines, suitable for displaying fashions of all seasons.  

    While the PEACEBIRD WOMEN ×Pepsi Cooperative series features a free style, the Darkwing Duck series launched by Peacebird Men, featuring Duckula, takes the lead on the street with a funny flavor. While seeking to sulate the classic image and taking people back to their childhood, this series is intended to make an Internet celebrity. The co-branded "Disney PixarCar" series, launched by Mini Peace and Disney, takes children on aLightning McQueen’s"lost journey" to find their ego and confidence


    At the opening ceremony, Zhang Jiangping, Chairman of Peacebird said, “We are building this all-in-one collection store with all our heart, not only as a concept or only to demonstrate the strength of our brands, but also to create a platform to best show our new consumption mode, on which we can interact with consumers.” 


    A shining night for fashionistasin hot Wuhan

    On the opening day, Fil Xiao Bai, modeling director ofYoho! Girl, the most stylish IT girl and the fashion designer best liked by Wu Yifan, Song Qian and many other stars, made her presence and cut the ribbons for the opening of the store and participated in the performance. “Of many brands I work with, PEACEBIRD's fashionistastyle matches well with many other fashion products. I like Peacebird’s attitude towards the fashion. I am very happy to be here to witness all this.” 

    Some people saidthis is probably the best place for shopping on May 1. Many young people in the tailor-made "Hot Wuhan" T-shirts crowd out in the street, spreading the fashion message to every cornerof Chuhehan street

    Yet the evening was yet to come, for all birdies were waiting for the real carnival. The well-known DJ Alex brought the most recent electronic music to the evening party, which, coupled with the dazzling lights and local fasionistas, making this to be the most thrilling opening party. 

    In addition, on the opening day, an original cartoon “Yee-Waa” created by Peacebird and Independent Designer Xie Jianping settled on the same street. 

    An all-in-one brand collection store is just something this city needs for its increasingly fashiontaste. In an era of ever-changing fashion trends, this store of Peacebird is intended to break away from the convention and attract more people sharing the same fashion tastes as Peacebird with a new consumption experience, with the view of creating more and more birdies.

  • Peacebird Gets Listed, Making First Fashion Enterprise in China Listed on A-Share Market in 2017 ...


    (Shanghai, Jan. 1, 2017) At 9:30, January 9, 2017, Zhang Jiangping, Chairman of Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Peacebird"), struck the golden gong at Shanghai Stock Exchange, signaling the formal listing of Peacebird (Stock code: SH603877; abbreviated as Peacebird), making Peacebird the first "China-made" fashion enterprise in China listed on the A-share market in 2017. What marked the uniqueness of the event were the fashion show under the theme of "FLY" and the gonging of the listing ritual on the shore of Huangpu River, both intended to symbol the wish of Peacebird to fuel the enterprise into a brighter future with the listing as an opportunity. The successful listing of Peacebird shows that Peacebird has established a solid and unique brand status in the fierce competition of fashion brands and has built its overall strength supported by its robust sub-brands. With the funds to be raised after the listing, Peacebird will further expand its sales channels at an accelerating rate and meanwhile enhance its internal operation in terms of logistics services and IT competency, meeting the expectations of all its consumers and investors in the future.

    Several supermodels, headed by Wang Xinyu, took the whole audience in the hall of Shanghai Stock Exchange by surprise with overwhelming styles of the new S/S fashions of the five Peacebird brands.

    The inside of the building of Shanghai Stock Exchange was styled into the shape of a bird-like aircraft. All guests invited to the event felt as if they entered a foreign space featuring strong senses of technology and future. The main venue of the event, surrounded by a huge screen on three sides, resembled an aircraft fueled with fashion elements ready to fly into vast space. Accompanied by dynamic electronic music, the five Peacebird brands were displayed on the stage, including PEACEBIRD WOMEN for city ladies, PEACEBIRD MEN for modern gentlemen, LED'IN for cool girls, MATERIAL GIRL marking an independent fashion style and Mini Peace featuring the best childhood style. Shining and beautiful supermodels, rhythmically changing backgrounds and vagarious changes of lights and shadows illustrated Peacebird’s unique insight into the Chinese fashion industry and international fashion trends, displayed the infinite vitality and creativity of Peacebird and the fashion industry of Ningbo as well as the dynamic spirit of Zhejiang commercial circle and added an unprecedented footnote to the capital strengths of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

    It is reported that a total of 55 million shares were issued and most of the raised fund will be used to develop Peacebird's marketing network and IT systems as well as Cidong Apparel Sorting and Distribution Center. After its 20th anniversary in 2016, the successful public listing of Peacebird in 2017 will be a new starting point for its future growth. After 20 years of leaping development, Peacebird has developed a full brand structure including core brands, new brands and start-up brands, and has built potentials for rolling development and competent strengths to addressing market challenges: So far, approximately 4,000 stores are established in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions; Peacebird has accumulated a total retail sales volume of over CNY 10 billion in 2016, making remarkable contribution to the development of China's fashion industry; Peacebird has stepped out into the international fashion industry by becoming a shareholder of ALEXIS MARBILLE, a French haute couture brand; Peacebird has developed a mature online business and logistics network, realizing a single-day sales volume of over CNY 615 million on the Double 11 of 2016; Cidong Apparel Sorting and Distribution Center, the first five-star modern logistics base was successfully launched, with the service rate constantly updated; and Peacebird Fashion Creation and R&D Center will soon established, focusing on future-oriented fashion creativity and development.

    According to market analysts, Peacebird has formed an advantageous golden triangle structure of competency composed of the brand, the design and the distribution channel. First, Peacebird's multi-brand hatching strategy and the matrix management have equipped Peacebird with infinite drive for sustainable development in the market environment of fierce competition: Peacebird's five brands, including well well-established PEACEBIRD WOMEN and PEACEBIRD MEN and the rapidly growing LED'IN for young girls and Mini Peace for children, cover full ranges of ages, categories and styles and comprehensively meet all consumer needs. A maturing brand hatching mechanism has been developed with the scope, which will be a solid base for future brand transplanting and development. Furthermore, the brand-based Strategic Business Unit system, coupled with regional distribution subsidiaries and the multi-brand matrix management system, has helped to realize Peacebird's high efficiency of cross-region and multi-brand management. Secondly, the business concept of frequent launching of new products, coupled with multi-channel marketing strategy, has laid a solid foundation for future R&D to timely meet consumer demands for new products through rapid product updating. The multi-channel marketing strategy enhances the brand image and the cross-sector cooperation helps promote Peacebird's impacts in other sectors, with the view of keeping intimate communication with consumers. Thirdly, Peacebird has realized highly efficient user connection through its flat refined terminal management mode: Peacebird implements a flat marketing network management mode featuring a grid of small regions and has been increasing its direct sale stores, effectively shortening the distance between its products and consumers and promoting the attraction of its brands. Meanwhile, membership consumption has become a major sales channel of the Company, with over 2 million members contributing 25% of the total retail volume.

    Talking of significances of the successful listing, Chairman Zhang Jiangping said, "By the public listing, we harvest not only the funds, but also the trust of consumers, investors and the general public in us. We will live up to the trust and seek to realize our ambitions. In the future, we will stick to our original aspirations, learn from excellent partners and competitors, uphold our missions and values, and bear in mind our commitments to our consumers, partners and the general public. We will seek to reward them with constantly improving business performance and continue to advance to our goal of making beinga Great Fashion Brand Retailer.

  • Peacebird Seeks to Be No. One Chinese Fashion Brand ...


    (Ningbo, November 11, 2016) CNY 615 million for a single day as of 24:00, November 11 is the record sales of Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Peacebird") realized for the Double 11 of 2016, making Peacebird the only fashion company with multiple brands that realized a sales volume of more than CNY 600 million.

    On November 11, five Peacebird brands (PEACEBIRD WOMEN, PEACEBIRD MEN, LED'IN, MATERIAL GIRL and Mini Peace) all set new records, totaling CNY 615 million, an increase of 61% over CNY 383 million realized on the Double 11 of 2015. PEACEBIRD MEN, PEACEBIRD WOMEN and LED'IN each turned a single-day sales of over CNY 100 million. PEACEBIRD MEN (Flagship Store) turned a single-day record sales of CNY 245 million, ranking 3rd among all men's brands of China. LED'IN (Flagship Store) turned a single-day record sales of CNY 165 million, ranking 4th among all women's brands of China. PEACEBIRD WOMEN (Flagship Store) turned a single-day record sales of CNY 119 million. Mini Peace (Flagship Store) and MATERIAL GIRL (Flagship Store) each turned record sales of CNY 36 million and CNY 29 million, respectively, within 24 hours, both higher than the results attained in 2015, with up to 91% sales from wireless terminals.

    Weng Jianghong, GM of Peacebird Online SBU, and his fellows felt relaxed with the above-related results. This is the eighth year that Peacebird has participated in the Double 11 Shopping Campaign since its inception in 2009. This promotion carnival, involving the whole online business industry, presents an unprecedented opportunity for all retailers to explore and experiment with the new online retail mode.

    Weng said, "The Double 11 creates an explosive demand among customers and therefore, has become a vane of the evolving ecology of domestic online business. We proposed a concept of "New Retail".

    On October 12, thirty days ahead of the Double 11, Peacebird fixed a theme for its Double 11 Campaign: "PEACE&BATTLE, Strive to Be Myself" to express Peacebird's determination to dedicate itself to the shopping carnival and realize its dream of "New Retail".

    Entertainment-based Marketing: Youth-targeted Content Marketing

    On the launching ceremony of the Double 11 Global Carnival, 2016, Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba, said, "The Double 11 this year will involve large quantities of entertainment elements. B2C and C2C interactions and new techniques adopted will guarantee such a new experience of entertainment."

    As a fashion brand for customers seeking reversed development, Peacebird has played a cutting-edge role in content marketing. Just before the Double 11, Peacebird launched a Birdy Music Festival. A director from Peacebird Online SBU said, "We communicated the atmosphere of the festival and the cultural content of our brand to consumers by means of live broadcast on Tmall, offering them opportunities to both shop and enjoy music online. That's a new game we have designed for warming up our Double 11 Campaign."

    Besides, all Peacebird brands have also established their own marketing strategy centering on the theme of "Strive to Be Myself" with reference to the individual features of their own. The Online SBU team describe the carnival from there perspective, "This theme appears in all individualized recommendations. Consumers of all preferences, behaviors and groups will find commodities, stores and recommended articles of features to their tastes. The technology focusing on consumption and interaction in the form of broadcast would greet all customers on the stage of the Double 11. It is the goal of our content marketing to present the notion of product design, the fashion matching, the current tendency and details of products in all our marketing activities, regardless of the sales volume and scale of transaction, through entertainment-based and interactive marketing efforts. "

    IP: Another Upgrade of All-channel Strategy

    Records of sales reveal that both new products and products of the same design sold in street stores are well received online. "Therefore, we made more efforts and increased our promotion of those products online this year when we planned our supplies. What's unique with this past Double 11 is the change in our philosophy, among many other new content, including the cooperation with street stores, system pressure testing, upgrade of our operating mode and more importantly changes in concepts"

    More new products and products of the same design as those sold in street stores are supplied online. The FEVER series of PEACEBIRD MEN was included in the Men's categories on the Double 11. “PEACEBIRD 2016 FEVER winter series seeks to exaggerate the frenzied spirit of striking characteristics and the dark street fashion. "Those are fashion items to the tastes of young men. The composition of our products is targeted at younger customers." Just before the Double 11, PEACEBIRD WOMEN transplanted emoji faces to its trendy fashion products, allowing you to follow the fashion trend while releasing your emotion on this festival for the single. LED'IN attracted wide attention with its Playful Girl series co-produced with Betty, which, drawing on IP, caters to the naive girls' interest with wit and simple details. The IP content in the designs are further promoted through interactive games such as “Betty’s way to save money”.

    The Double 11 saw another upgrade of the all-channel strategy that Peacebird has been following for years. The strategy features an O2O mode, or online order placement and offline shipment mode. Products supplied in street stores and offline distributors can be sold online on the Double 11. In addition to the Commodity Pass, the Service Pass and the Member Pass services provided by Alibaba, more than 500 offline stores adopted the O2O mode on the Double 11. We intended to provide our customers opportunities to experience a barrier-free integrated online and offline shopping mode, wherever they are, online, in street stores or in shopping centers.

    Cutting-edge technology: A New Drive for New Retail

    At 0:20 on the Double 11, 2016, the first package was shipped from Cidong Logistics Base, signaling the debut of the unique role of the base. With goods flowing busily between machines, the whole scene stands to the "Black Tech" to its full extent.

    The Plog Logistics Center of Peacebird, the first five-star logistics service provider in the apparel industry, made full preparation for the Double 11. Che Jun, a deputy Secretary and deputy Governor of Zhejiang Province, expressed his hope on November 1st that the enterprise can integrate technical transformation and the commercial mode innovation, focus on both the international and domestic markets and make the full use of the online and offline marketing and distribution, with the view of facilitating the establishment of a modern logistics system and comprehensively promoting the New Retail mode.

    "Here only one or two operators are needed to manage the fully automatic storage and replenishment of commodities of all sizes. It is estimated that the total turnover for this year will be 1.2 million shipments, compared with 800,000 shipments last year. Our goal will remain the same: Orders will be shipped within 72 hours," Yin Hao, who is in charge of the logistics services of Peacebird, said.

    Developed as a key modern infrastructure for commercial trade of Peacebird, the logistics platform, as well as the information platform, the funding platform, the payment platform and the data technology platform based on the former IT platform supporting the operations of the whole entity, form the basic support for all-channel shopping experience.

    Online Services from the Perspective of Retail

    To create value for customers is the everlasting goal of modern business and the starting point of New Retail. “As a key force of the four drives of Peacebird, Online SBU will play a key role in the upgrade and transformation of our enterprise.

    This year we made special efforts to encourage our employees to help promote the industrial integration with our Internet-based notions, culture, technology and genes. The Age of New Retail is an age featuring customer orientation, data, openness, innovation and excellence.

    "Online business was formerly considered a channel of distribution from the perspective of retail. Today, from the perspective of New Retail, we should reform the whole chain covering the point of sale to the source of supply theoretically and technically. The ultimate goal of New Retail is to truly meet individualized needs and flexible production," A director from Peacebird Online SBU offered his definition of the hot term "New Retail."

  • 20th Anniversary of Peacebird: “Birdy Spirit 1st Birdy Music Festival Brings ...


    (Ningbo, October 23, 2016) An appealing lineup of handsome national idols and cool magical music triggered the super brand power in the carnival electronic music forum of the 1st Birdy Music festival. This most trendy electronic musical wave started by maverick birdy young people has attracted the attention of the media and the public to hot topics including “Who are birdies?”, “Where are birdies?” and the Birdy Spirit at the conclusion of October. This most fashionable and most exciting audio-visual carnival, while intended a gift for the 20th anniversary of Peacebird, saluted fashionable geeks full of the Birdy Spirit on the earth. The attempt to make an internal corporate cultural event into a public marketing event highlighted the powerful appeal of the Birdy Spirit and explored the possibility of success for local enterprises to build its super brand power in this “Age of Integration”.

    The Birdy Music Festival is a proactively promoted carnival of electronic music. With a huge variety of music festivals competing for attention, this long-brewing music festival took the public by surprise, thanks to its unique trigger and well-schemed positioning: Just before the launch of the event, all landmark buildings from Hangzhou to Ningbo were flooded overnight with the advertising remark, “Where are birdies?”, holding all fashion geeks in suspense; immediately after the list of guest celebrities from the entertainment circle, namely G.E.M., Xu Weizhou, MC Hotdog and Ding Dang, among others, was published over 1000 tickets were seckilled by enthusiastic electronic music fans. Thanks to their presence and the participation of world-famous DJs, including Yves V, Danny Avila and Wolfpack, the purest electronic music resonated over the whole city across the three rivers at the foot of Siming Mountain.

    If the perfect combination of electronic music and fashion is the external characteristics of the Birdy Music Festival, then the widely recognition of the Birdy Spirit is the shared pursuit of all celebrities present on the stage. Best representing fashion geeks, they hate conventional behaviors yet they do not defy the tradition; they do not care about the mainstream labels yet keep a moderate distance from non-mainstream lifestyle. Ding Dang, the Princess of Love Songs, was the first to get on the stage and greeted the audience with her high-pitched voice to ignite the enthusiasm of the audience - "All those who know my name, how are you doing?” She was followed by MC Hotdog singing all along: "I want to shine, and I am not exaggerating", rapidly heating the audience to a fever. Xu Weizhou, a singer with competent singing and performing strengths, instilled the audience with enthusiasm and excitement with his song “Even if I fall and get more catcalls than applauses, I won’t back off.” G.E.M., a much disputed singer grew up in difficulties in her singing career, came on stage singing in a high pitch, “I am not fragile, I won’t be silent, I won’t compromise, I won’t back down, I won’t despair, I won’t be arrogant and I won’t yield!” Her appearance on the stage pushed the event to the climax with her song paying tribute to the Birdy Spirit.

    Echoing the singing of the reputed singers on the stage were well-known DJs, whose excellent performance enchanted the audience with the powerful appeal and explosive influence of the Birdy Spirit. Birdies refer to maverick fashion geeks advancing forward with the trend. The DJs, among the top 100 in the world, surely best represent birdies in all aspects. Known as the "Son of Tomorrowland" and the “stage bomber”, Yves V brought the audience live soul-touching electronic music with his magic stage control; Danny Avila, a Spanish boy winning Vicious Music Awards for Best New DJ at 16, converted the music festival into an Eden dominated by the rhythm; Wolfpack, a Belgian DJ known as the trend leader of the electronic music circle, proved to the public with his thundering yet magical music why electronic music is the most fashionable music style and the best musical form to illustrate the Birdy Spirit.

    The super appeal of the Birdy Music Festival not only triggered a phenomenal heated discussion on social media with tens of millions of audience, but also won uniform support from prominent figures in the circle. When speaking of the Birdy Music Festival, Fang Wenshan, a top lyric writer in the Chinese music circle and a long-standing loyal friend of Peacebird brand, said, “Peacebird has proved its competency in illustrating and guiding the style in the fashion design circle. Music is similar to fashion by nature. I am sure that the Birdy Music Festival launched by Peacebird will be both stylish and rich in content.” Zhang Liang, an all-round artist and a loyal friend of Peacebird brand, who came all the way to attend the festival, said: "Since I got acquainted with Peacebird more than a decade ago, I have witnessed every step of its transformation and Peacebird has accompanied me through all the successes and breakthroughs in my career. Words are not enough to express the feelings I have experienced all those years. So please allow me to wish Peacebird a happy birthday with the rhythmical musical notes this evening.” When interviewed, Xu Weizhou, a young musical prince who have just celebrated his 22nd birthday, felt excited, “I appreciate this opportunity to attend the Birdy Music Festival on this stage. Whoever you are, as long you as you cherish your dream, you will have your day to fly high with your dream.”

    The Birdy Music Festival was also a unique fashion surprise. While entertaining thousands of birdies with electronic music, Peacebird was also the first to attempt to perfectly combine music and fashion, successfully integrating Peacebird Women 2017 S/S Show and the music festival. Thanks to the presence of top international supermodels and fashion fans, the Birdy Music Festival won its reputation as the “Most Stylish Music Festival” and the “Music Festival with the Most Handsome Celebrities.”

    The ubiquitous cries and hustles of the soul of audience came from their heart-felt desire for this musical carnival. This time the conventional show stage was designed to be a G-space graffiti space integrating fashion and street arts. PEACEBIRD WOMEN and street graffiti artists from L. A. brought a magical touch to the show stage with their unconventional representation of the Shan-hai Ching. Legendary dragons and tigers, auspicious clouds, national totems, all traveling between the modern urban atmosphere and the legendary world, made the fashion show an everlasting beautiful landscape with their na?ve mind and emotions.

    The retro notes featuring the fashion circle in 2017 S/S are inseparable from Geek rock and Glitterati figures in the 1970s: Skateboards, a Vintage sweater, rebellious jeans, Banksy black humors and illegible abstract tags triggered the inspiration for graffiti creation and flooded fashion fans in the geeky atmosphere created by PEACEBIRD WOMEN 2017 S/S Fashion Show, as if they were under the ever blue sky of L.A., inspired to create a graffiti world of their own with their enthusiastic pursuit of freedom and find the true meaning of the life in the G-space.

    PEACEBIRD WOMEN launched a lineup of international supermodels for the S/S Fashion Show, from red-haired Natalie Westling to Molly Bair “the little devil”, from 18-year-old Katherine Moore to Sora Choi, who starred PEACEBIRD WOMEN 2016 A/W Campaign, from Hollie May Saker, the most notable new international fashion star, to Mae Lapres, a Chinese-Canadian supermodel from France with a cat-like style. The lineup was further strengthened with the presence of Wang Xinyu, a local supermodel of the newest generation listed as a “Best New Supermodel” by, and He Cong, a local highly worshiped supermodel winning the “ELLE Annual Award for Newcomers”. Those super models from all corners of he world at the Birdy Music Festival gathering on the flash show stage explore the G-Space full of unknown elements, expressed their different understanding of the fashion from different cultural backgrounds and highlighted the fashion journey across time and space limits at their free will.

    When talking about this unusual fashion show, Natalie Westling, who keeps a long-term relationship with PEACEBIRD WOMEN, said excitedly: "It’s a special experience to attend a fashion show during a music festival. The first moment, you are watching the show before the T-platform, and the next, you are feeling the magic of the electronic music near the T-platform. The switching between the two is a fresh and interesting experience.” Wang Xinyu said, “I like many performers at the music festival. It’s an unforgettable experience of the fashion for me to have the chance to be here with all those music talents with striking personalities.” Gogoboi, a reputed blogger who had come all the way to attend the event also expressed his surprise with what he had gained from the event, “PEACEBIRD WOMEN’s designs for this season are just for the theme of electronic music. Before the event, many people asked me what I would wear for the Birdy Music Festival. The flash show answered this question. Every article presented on the stage is right for geeks. You can pick up any of them and it goes. It was a really spectacular “Music Festival with the Most Handsome Celebrities.”

    The Birdy Music Festival presented the super brand power in a comprehensive manner. Besides the appealing electronic music and fashion show, the music festival also provided opportunities for all guest artists to interact with the audience, making the forum covering about 300 acres a Birdy Land, a birdy version of Disney Land. All five brands under Peacebird, namely PEACEBIRD WOMEN, PEACEBIRD MEN, LED'IN, MATERIAL GIRL and Mini Peace, made their presence at the music festival in various flying styles, illustrating the notion of freedom stemming from the Birdy Spirit. The super brand power that Peacebird has been seeking to build with focused efforts in the Age of Integration communicates the positive energy of the fashion that brings about responses across the whole nation.

    The term "birdy", is specifically intended to refer to about 10,000 employees of Peacebird. In 2015, while the whole industry suffered a downturn, Peacebird set a remarkable record sales volume of nearly CNY 9 billion. In 2016, the birdies decide to disclose the Birdy Spirit underlying that remarkable record achievement to the public. Their actions and the brand power that goes in harmony with the rhythm of the times fly the Birdy Spirit from where the three rivers meet at the foot of Siming Mountain. For Peacebird associates, the term "birdy” stands for a new generation of geeks that feature unconventional maverick behaviors and advance with the trend.

    It is undoubtedly a challenge yet an opportunity to upgrade and promote an internal spiritual quality of an enterprise to a value that can be accepted by the public. For a young garment enterprise like Peacebird, to execute such a grand brand-building campaign undoubtedly requires both extraordinary courage and firm commitment and calls for support of business strengths. After over 20 years of development, Peacebird has established approximately 3,800 stores across 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. In 2015, Peacebird pushed its total retail sales to nearly CNY 9 billion, about 1.8 pcs/sec. On Double 11 of last year alone, it harvested a retail sale of CNY 383 million, evidencing that Peacebird has become the top choice of millions of consumers. Furthermore, Peacebird has successfully acquired shares of ALEXIS MARBILLE, a French haute couture brand, the first step outward of Chinese garment brand. Cidong Apparel Sorting and Distribution Center, the first five-star logistics base of the Chinese apparel industry, was established with a cost of CNY 500 million and formally launched for operation. Peacebird Fashion Creation and R&D Center will soon come into being. With the aforesaid achievements and projects, the birdies will, motivated and encouraged by the Birdy Spirit, seek to realize their dreams of “freedom, ambition and achievement” and build a greater and better future for Peacebird.

    When commenting on the bold design and successful execution of the Birdy Music Festival, Zhang Jiangping, Chairman of Peacebird Group and Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd., said: "For a human being, turning 20 means he has entered adulthood. That’s why we chose to celebrate this special day in the fashionable and delighting form of music festival, involving our thousands of employees, our partners across the world and consumers who have been loyally supporting us over the long term. In this era when entertainment has become a widely observed lifestyle, Peacebird seeks to integrate consumers and more fashion life scenarios into its solutions to fashion-related activities. All such integration activities are supported by the Birdy Spirit. We hope to attract more of those who share similar attitude to the fashion, life style and values through our exploration, accumulation and communication of the Birdy Spirit, with the view of enrolling more people in our cause. In the future, Peacebird, the young bird taking off near the three rivers at the foot of Siming Mountain will surely fly higher and farther into the sky of fashion. We are determined to make the most excellent fashion brand retailer, to build a super brand in which China will take pride and the shiniest symbol of the fashion industry of China."

  • PEACEBIRD's 20th Anniversary: Embracing the Age of Integration ...


    How to fully explore potentials of the retail industry in this Age of Integration featuring connections and interactions? PEACEBIRD, a reputed fashion brand retailer of China, gave an ambitious answer at the press conference for its 20th anniversary on the theme of Integration: Update the complete range of business in terms of production, distribution channel building and marketing through interaction with consumers as the center. “PEACEBIRD offers a full range of fashion products: PEACEBIRD WOMEN and PEACEBIRD MEN for the white collars aged from 25 to 35, LED’ IN a sweet, elegant and energetic brand for young girls, MATERIAL GIRL, a much admired brand of American style for young girls, Mini Peace, a fashionable and lovely children’s brand, and AMAZING PEACE, an entry luxury brand for men. Multiple brands of PEACEBIRD attract consumers at all levels, tailored to adapt to more fashionable occasions and integrating more fashion solutions. Like a young member of the society, PEACEBIRD integrates into the community with a more open attitude, seeking to contribute to the industry, our stores and consumers at large,” comments Mr. Zhang Jiangping, Chairman of Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd. Age of Integration for Products: Integrating with a Younger Consumer Group by Reversed Development Mode How to uplift the popularity of the products among consumers and break away from the new consumer groups’ stereotype of the products? PEACEBIRD summarizes its strategy with one term – Reversed Development: PEACEBIRD seeks to integrate its design phase with the real life scenarios of young people, and plans its production on the basis of the sales by adopting a flexible supply chain covering the R&D and design of products, marketing and enterprise planning and flexible supply mechanism. PEACEBIRD is highly concerned with the trendy topics of young people. With Shanghai Disneyland to be officially opened in the coming June, PEACEBIRD seized this opportunity and has attempted to pass on the DNA of Disneyland to fashion lovers. Han Huohuo, a highly recognized fashion creator of China, was invited to participate in the actual design and demonstration for the first time in his career. According to a representative of PEACEBIRD talking about why PEACEBIRD has chosen to cooperate with Disney, the image of Disney, well-rooted among consumers, will activate consumers’ memories of their childhood. More importantly, Shanghai Disneyland will create new growth points for derivative products of Disney. This cross-sector cooperation will further expand the scope of the two sectors, attracting a greater number of consumers of differentiated personality and consumption preferences. Furthermore, PEACEBIRD adheres to the DNA of the fashion industry and cooperates with more international fashion resources. After its shareholding investment in Alexis Mabille, a French haute couture brand, PEACEBIRD MEN is now cooperating with Thierry Boutemy, a reputed florist, for its 2016 a/w series to be launched soon, in an attempt to outline a simpler and more natural aspect of fashion and instill new life into fashion through his unique space perspectives. Thierry Boutemy has cooperated with a number of reputed designers and brands, including Lanvin, Dries Van Noten, Viktor & Rolf, and Dior. Integration Age for Channels: Reacting to Fashion without A Time Difference and Exploring Terminal Forms As of the end of 2015, PEACEBIRD has extended its marketing and sales network to 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of Mainland China, with 3,794 off-line stores in the forms of street shops, shops in stores and shopping centers, forming its advantageous distribution channel networks composed of online businesses, urban complexes, street shops and shops in stores. Street shops and shops in stores are conventional distribution channels of the apparel and accessory industry. In 2015, while the sales volume realized by means of the two distribution channels continued growing, with a stable market share, the shopping centers have sprung up as a new channel. Faced with the fundamental change in the commercial retail pattern, PEACEBIRD timely adapts itself to the market tendency and has promoted its sales volume realized through shops in stores from CNY 484 million in 2012 to CNY 1,931 million in 2015, with a CAGR of 58.6%. PEACEBIRD also actively expanded the scope of its online business and has realized a total sales volume of CNY 1.1 billion in 2015, accounting for 12% of its total sales volume and realizing a CAGR of 65% from 2013 to 2015. On November 11, 2015, the total sales volume of the five PEACEBIRD brands set a record of CNY 383 million, with a year-on-year increase of 47.3% over 260 million realized on November 11, 2014. PEACEBIRD MEN alone realized a sales volume of CNY 194 million. In 24 hours on that day PEACEBIRD won more than 700,000 customers, with transactions struck by means of wireless terminals accounting for 80% of the total. Statistics show that 14 products were sold in one second alone. It is reported that PEACEBIRD is experimenting a new cross-border initiative to extent its online business beyond the border, representing a future full of imaginations. Supporting the rapid development of online business is the first five-star logistics service in the apparel industry, established with an investment of CNY 500 million. This cutting-edge logistics base is now demonstrating its charms to the industry, providing more humanization shopping experience for both on-line and off-line customers. In the future, PEACEBIRD will focus on the enhancement of all its distribution channels to launch its products for the same price online and offline, with the view of enabling its marketing plans based on data of real consumers to contribute to the promotion of the penetration of new products. Meanwhile, its optimized supply chain solution will help to realize the best delivery experience, the shortest routine of delivery and the best inventory management. While sparing no efforts in promoting the retail through all channels, PEACEBIRD will be devoted to the exploration of main forms of customer-faced terminals. PEACEBIRD is reported to have formed a cooperation strategy with Wanda Group, the largest commercial property developer of the world, with the first collection shops to debut in Wanda Plazas of the best commercial environment. When asked how to manage such collection shops, Mr. Zhang Jiangping goes in length, “We will first establish a theme based on our unique business notions and styles and display and sell products within the scope of PEACEBIRD that best suit the theme and seek to satisfy consumers’ needs through individualized services by selecting and matching our products for consumers to choose from. Our collection shops will be a brand-new cultural space integrating the latest lifestyle and fashion trends. The collective presentation of our products will provide individualized fashion solutions for every fashion lover and seek to let everyone enjoy the fun of fashion.” Integration Age for Marketing: Developing an Entertainment-based Image and Displaying Modes With young people born in the 1980s and 1990s becoming main consumers, fashion brands are converting their strategies to adapt to the trend towards commercial shows that are more and more entertainment-based. PEACEBIRD recently launched an interaction program to interact with young people in the music circle, presenting them with clothes that they can wear and listen to. It is disclosed at the press conference for its 20th anniversary of PEACEBIRD on the theme of Integration that PEACEBIRD is planning to cooperate with Ali Music and Sina Entertainment, and other channels on a series of fashion-entertainment programs. At the press conference, PEACEBIRD also launched its theme song. In the Age of Integration, PEACEBIRD will not only integrate into its consumers and let everyone enjoy the fun of fashion, but will also share the fun of fashion with the public through fashionable modes of communication with a more open spirit. It is disclosed that Ali Music will not only provides the platform for the debut of PEACEBIRD’s theme song, but also provide individualized shop music solutions. In the future, PEACEBIRD will integrate its whole system with the full entertainment system of Alibaba Planet. Zhang Jiangping gives his comments on these initiatives, “In the Era of Pan-entertainment, fashion and entertainment are inseparable. To win young consumers and upgrade our products among them, it is highly necessary to extend the business scope of PEACEBIRD to the music circle. That’s why we have chosen Mo Yanlin, a key music producer, to create the theme song for PEACEBIRD.” According to a guest attending the press conference, “Integrating young people’s love for music with fashion and providing them with opportunities to learn about the brands in this fresh form, will enhance young consumers’ understanding and recognition of PEACEBIRD’s brands.

  • Mini Peace Presents Artistic Fashion of Nature and Innocence ...


    On May 21, 2016, the long-awaited Mini Peace A/W Fashion Show of “Beyond words” was staged in Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum. This nature-themed fashion show was presented on a show stage featuring green grass and blooming flowers under the sun, making a fairy world for visitors to fly their imagination and recollect their naive childhood. At the Mini Peace’s "Beyond Words" A/W Fashion Show, Mini Peace not only released a fresh children’s winter series integrating fashion and classics, but also  entertained attending guests with an unprecedented aesthetic experience, allowing them to enjoy a fashion feast in a natural environment reminiscent of their innocence. Artistic Fashion of Nature and Innocence In order to perfect the theme of nature for the fashion show, Mini Peace invited Thierry Boutemy , a top international floral master to design the T-stage for the fashion show. Thierry Boutemy has worked for Lanvin, Dior, Massimo Dutti, and other world-class brands. He seeks to build a modern fashion space with flowers, enabling people to enjoy the simplicity and peace of life. This time, he presented a perfect experience for the audiences through his floral arts and imaginative inspirations. What’s more exciting is that Thierry Boutemy will cooperate with PEACEBIRD MEN in designing products for the coming Thierry Boutemy , ready to instil his floral inspirations into fashion design. Space of Green Nature for the Creative Fashion Show Mini Peace has innovated on the fashion show by setting up a space of green nature for the creative fashion show in joint efforts with APAX Group, one of the outstanding creative groups in the Asian-Pacific region. Also contributing to the charms of the fashion show was the latest works of Zhou Zhuan, an emerging artist on the theme of Mini Peace Dolls. The audiences were immersed in a sea of arts and beauty, fully experiencing the core values of “Nature, Naivety and Love” that Mini Peace seeks to instil in its products. A Gala of Stars and fashionistas Mini Peace’s "Beyond Words" A/W Fashion Show was an unprecedented spectacle starring numerous stars and fashionistas. As a leading children's clothing brand, Mini Peace attracts many parents who are fashionistas themselves with its fashionable styles and excellent quality. Many big stars and fashion icons were present to appreciate and witness the fashion show Mini Peace has launched with its best efforts. Zhang Liang, a versatile artist, Yoo Shoo Young, a most popular actress from the Korean reality show “Oh My Baby” and her lovely son and lovely twin daughters were presented and so were reputed fashion stylist and icon Li Hui and fashion blogger Xu Fengli, making their presence on the stage and presented their comments on fashion. Young Star Models Display Happiness of Naivety Dressed in line with the theme, young star models, including witty Zhang Yihan (Hummer) and Zhu Yisheng, newly recognized in entertainment programs in China, and Wang Siyi and Zhang Tianhui, little fashion cuties made their debut on the T-stage. Together with other young star models, they displayed happiness and love of naivety. “Beyond Words” Instils Life In the Video Area the audiences were entertained with the theme video of the fashion show: in the deep of the forest, bright tiny fireflies linger around the statues of a boy and a girl, giving them life. The boy and the girl look into each other’s eyes and smile with cards of letters, telling about stories about life, escorting them towards the light further in the forest and setting them onto a joyous journey of nature and naivety. Retro and Academic Style Mini Peace’s new A/W children's series feature classic dark colors and classic red and white patterns, spotted with bright light blue, turmeric, and beige to bring warmth to cold winter days. To cater to the romantic retro fashion style, Mini Peace’s A/W series launched products for boys in decent retro styles drawing on the academic styles, further humoured with ideas of comical tricks. A diverse variety of A/W jackets is another highlight, including practical quilted jackets, handsome leather jackets and bomber jackets, cool denim jackets and decent casual jackets. Dream Princess Dream princess, one of the girls’ series, were presented at the fashion show. Mini Peace gives new styles to single tulle lace dresses, coupled with the red and white match and grid patterns, creating a sense of tenderness and boldness for elegant girl. Highly stylish denim elements and endurable simple stripes are also incorporated in designs of the new series, making the series one of the leading casual street styles. Mini Peace has always adhered to the core value  of "Spreading Happiness and Love”, with the view of promoting the awareness of elegance and fashion and giving children memories of love”. The care and hope for children’s natural, healthy and happy growth best footnote the "Beyond Words" A/W Fashion Show of Mini Peace. We are expecting, together with many of our young friends, the happiness the new products to be launched overall will bring us.

  • 2016 PEACEBIRD WOMEN Duality of Worlds A/W Fashion Show ...


    2016 PEACEBIRD WOMEN A/W Duality of Worlds Fashion Show closed on May 5, was an attempt of PEACEBIRD WOMEN to explore the Duality of the Worlds and inspire people’s dream for a better world in a spaceship of the fashion. Duo of Light and Dark 2016 PEACEBIRD WOMEN A/W Fashion Show was a duo of light and dark allowing the audiences to experience a transit between the light and dark. Before the show began, the audiences were shrouded in the dark, with guests seated on an isolated island, expecting the light. All of a sudden, the new world dawned in collision with the old world with thunders. Then the road to the paradise appeared, signaling the start of a journey to a better world. A Gala of Stars and Fashionistas At the fashion show, Liu Shishi, a famous actress and Lun Sibo, a fashion icon of a newest generation, joined [with]with PEACEBIRD WOMEN in exploring the paradise of the new era. Fashion journalists from over 100 medias, including Vogue, Haper's Bazaar and Marie Claire, fashionistas and fashion icons met here to witness the fashion show unveiling PEACEBIRD WOMEN’s new products. Echoes of the Show’s Spectacle   The fashion show presented a new world, where hopes for the future are everywhere to expulse worries and troubles and all dreams that are likely a century from now are realized here. The audiences were set onto a journey from the dark to the light. When the audiences were waiting in silence for super models to appear on the T-stage, a dynamic music began resounding. From the dark came out Natalie Westling, Li Jingwen, Cindy Bruna, Rhiannon McConnell, Emelie Evander, Wang Xinyu, He Cong, You Tianyi, Li Xiaoxing, etc. and they walked into an Eden newly reborn with bright smiles at light gait. Cultures from different backgrounds collided here. The super models emerging from the dark brought us youth, vitality and happiness, embracing the fashion and the future. It looked as if classic fairy tales were realized, with Alice and the Nutcracker came alive in the modern era. 2016 PEACEBIRD WOMEN A/W Fashion Show was one that explored the duality worlds of the light and the dark, bringing us an unprecedented experience.

  • The WHAAM Experience Hall was emerged in CHIC 2016 from Peacebird MEN & Mini Peace ...


    On March 16th, Peacebird and Mini Peace launched the 2016 Summer Disney authorized series at China International Fashion Fair (CHIC), as another significant campaign of Peacebird after its Spring launch event of cross-sector series. TheDisney authorized series of 2016 summer were designed with Han Huohuo, a key fashion leader and innovator. The series provide the collection of shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, pants and jackets, and all of them featured on the design element of Disney Mickey in black and white tone. The 2016 Spring Disney authorized series have been basked in the adulation of Fashion lovers since they were launched in last December. All Peacebird x Disney series designed with brilliant contribution from Han Huohuo, the products feature all-match models, cartoon printings and stripe details, glittering both cool outlines and unlimited vitality! WHAAM Modern Experience Hall WHAAM Experience Hall, with an impacting black and white tone, creates a cool space featuring Disney Mickey as the significant elements. The Hall is divided into a men's space, a children's space and a pre-sale experience space.Fans are provided opportunities to pick their favorites in firstly in WHAAM modern experience hall. Dynamic Fashion Show In addition to the Experience Hall, CHIC 2016 also hosts a variety of events, including a flashing presentation of stylish and dynamic fashions, appealing male models and cute child models dressed in brand-new serial products for CHIC 2016, making the venue of the events a T-platform igniting wild enthusiasm of all present. Serial Products Launch PEACEBIRD MEN & Mini Peacealso launch the full series of Disney authorizedto the delight of the audience.The series launched for this season is full of appealing and creative elements! With Han Huohuo’s favor, the show presents the excellent experience of the power of fashion! The products of this series are on pre-sale in Peacebird Tmall stores. On March 23rd, The products will also be available in 396 Peacebird franchised stores around China.

  • A Cross-Sector Annual Party: PeacebirdX Intime=? ...


    Holding an annual party? Joining hands with a fashion retail group for cross-sector campaigns? Or hanging up pictures of the employees as cover pages in all corners of the shopping mall? A special annual party became a hot story in Wechat Moments in yesterday, which is Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd. (“Peacebird”) moved its annual Party to Intime City Shopping Mall. It provided a chance for an innovative fashion retailer joined hands with a black horse in the fashion retail sector. Peacebird×Intime, a platinum integration, is destined to ignite incredible reactions. Cross-sector Cooperation: Makes Everything Possible Maybe the Historical Cold still lingers in your Wechat Moments, but this surprising cross-sector annual party is pretty sure to warm everybody up. It was more like a grand open party, with the central space of Intime City Shopping Mall serving as an open dancing floor and with stunning DJs and cocktails: All appealing elements were present.Peacebird fans were no longer onlookers, but all indulged themselves in this carnival. Everybody played a leading role at the party. A studio was set up and a game went on fornumerous titles, such as Annual Charming Boy, Annual Beautiful Girl, Annual Long Legs, Annual Fashion Leader and Annual Lucky Winner that everybody dreamed to be. The spotlight flashed across and stopped here and there, picking up the winner for the titles and a UAV flew the gifts to the winner, thrilling the whole audience time and again. At this open, fashionable and lively annual party, attendants were surprised that Peacebird is more and more close to its goal of becoming “a great fashion brand retailer". An annual party would give families chances to do shopping and have meal together. Yesterday was made a "Peacebird Day" for IntimeCity Shopping Mall. The corporate culture of Peacebird embraced everybody present, without you knowing it.For Peacebird, a brand for young and trendy urban customers, this cross-sector annual party was a new attempt to promote its brand image. Cover Images: Common Glory of the Enterprise and Employees If you came across the annual party at Intime Mega Town, you would have been amazed by the images of Peacebird employees on all screens usually occupied by merchants' promotional information. They have been working with Peacebird since its inception and have devoted their youth to Peacebird through ups and downs. The year 2016 sees Peacebird's 20's anniversary. All light boxes at entrances to lifts and on walls feature Peacebird and the whole Intime Mega Town was dedicated to Peacebird employees and their families as well as those Peacebird fans. Peacebird has chosen to hold its annual party in an open atmosphere and greet the coming Spring Festival, with the wish that Peacebird will continue to shine your life in the future. Thanks to the innovative gene underlying the open annual party, Peacebird has achieved remarkably in 2015: Its market coverage was ranked 5th among players on the middle-end leisure clothing market and harvested a revenue of CNY 383 million on November 11, 2015 alone. This annual party signals a comprehensive conclusion of the year that has justpassed; moreover, it stands for Peacebird's prospects in 2016. The vision of the company is reflected in the theme of the party, "Shine in 2016".

  • WHAAM! PEACEBIRD & Mini Peace 2016/S Co-licensed Collection Debuts ...


    WHAAM! PEACEBIRD & Mini Peace 2016/Spring Co-licensed Collection was formally launched at the PEACEBIRD Brand Experience Store located in Wanda Plaza, Ningbo, appointed for the debut of WHAAM! Collection on December 11. Featuring Disney Mickey in three thematic colors, black, white and yellow, the Brand Experience Store is divided by simple and clean showcases into different areas of simple yet modern and enticing atmosphere, in seamless consistence with the design philosophy underlying the co-licensed collection, lifting the curtain for the formal launch of WHAAM! Collection onto the market. The debut witnessed quite a few star guests, including Wang Mingfeng, the General Manager of PEACEBIRD & Mini Peace, Chen Jingyi, the Director of Consumables Department of Disney Greater China, Qin Xiaolin, the General Manager of Wanda Plaza Ningbo, and Han Huohuo, fashion creator and guest designer, who collectively announced the formal kick-off of the collection. PEACEBIRD & Mini Peace were officially authorized by Walt Disney to launch the co-licensed 2016/S Collection, with Han Huohuo, one of the popular fashion creators, heading the design team for the campaign. The PEACEBIRD & Mini Peace 2016/S Collection, inspired by "WHAAM!", one of the classics in the history of the pop art, are full of tension and appeal. The collection, integrating Mickey Mouse as the signature design element and the most popular modern fashion style, displays Han Huohuo's keen insights into fashion and gives full play to his unrestrained creativity. WHAAM! Collection features an appealing cartoon image of Mickey Mouse against the background colors of red, black and white. Products of this collection covers full ranges of men's and children's categories, namely hoodies, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, pants and jackets, all looking young and energetic and highly popular with the young. Another striking feature of this collection is the diversified designs of casual jackets, flight jackets, motor leather jackets, long and medium-size coats and highly popular Denim jackets, decorated with playful and lively Mickey elements, creating a dramatic effect for the Hi-street styles. The designs illustrate Han Huohuo's pursuit of style – a simple but not mediocre style outlining men’s modern disposition. On the other side of the campaign, lovely and cute designs for children are sure prevail on the street in the coming spring, complementing the strength of men's styles of the collection. Mini Peace WHAAM!Collection for children also features Mickey as the signature element and basically follows the same patterns and designs for men's, delighting parents with Mini Me products of striking individualism and making them a must-have for their children in the coming spring. PEACEBIRD & Mini Peace 2016/S WHAAM! Collection will be on pre-sale on Tmall on December 2, formally available in all designated Wanda stores across the nation on December 12 and universally available in all designated stores nationwide from December 18 and on.

  • Fashion Player: This is an Era for Sports Girls Launch of LED ...


    The 2016 S/S new products of LED' IN, a highly individualized girls' brand, were formally released in Ningbo in conjunction with the New Visual Identification System Release. The products released at this conference, centering on the theme of "Fashion Player", displayed the youthfulness and pioneering fashion, adding a touch of dynamics and smartness to the products for girls to be launched for 2016 S/S. LED’ IN has been looking for youthful and energetic fashion stars for cooperation and interaction. For this press conference, new generation icon Zeng Shunxi, super idol Tang Yixin, fashion star Ren Yankai and international supermodel Wang Xinyu were invited. The modeling for the press conference was designed by Andy Creation. The international beauty guru Andy will do the makeup for the models representing the collection of LED’IN 2016 S/S. Leaf Greenery, an independent fashion creator, will create the costume modeling in her unique inspired matching style, instilling new energy to LED’ IN. The super team was bound to make the debut of the 2016 S/S campaign amazing. Highlight – Playful and Dynamic Girls’ Generation The spirit of sports lies in letting people feel the infinite possibilities of life and self-transcendence. Sports Girls collection brought this spirit into the world of fashion, igniting a sweeping fashion tide. The conference featured a LED’ IN MINI Dress Show on a mini mannequins and exquisite handcraft. The outside stage was out of the inspiration ignited by the diving platform, providing a footnote to the trend of girls’ fashion in 2016. The show stage was designed following the abstract profile of a swimming pool, with the changes in color and material setting out a clear space. The LED’ IN Olympic rings and colorful banners of letters over the show stage revealed the implications of the new visual identity of LED’ IN and the design inspirations of the 2016 S/S collection. Vision – A Refreshing Trend-leading Identity We are in an era that people keep looking to their life styles for guidance and inspiration. LED’ IN has been restlessly seeking innovation and evolvement and taking the lead in this ever-changing era. To this end, as a prelude to the release of Fashion Player collection, LED’ IN launched its latest visual identification system (LOGO). The LOGO, inspired by the vibrant neon lights, gives a full play to the shocking energy and colors, representing the confidence and energy of young girls as well as their bold personalities. In addition, the new visual identity matches the LOGO and the popular colors of each season, changing and full of possibilities like neon lights. LED’ IN intends to build an all-inclusive fashion paradise full of potentials for young and energetic girls to fly their dreams and sing out their best voices. Show Stage – For Interesting Fashion Products of Endless Changes When the music on, fashion players in LED’ IN 2016 S/S collection approached us from the swimming pool with victorious delights of the youth. First appearing on the show stage was TIBI collection led by super model Wang Xinyu, inspired by a desire to salute the classic retro impression. Combining the sailor’s striped shirts and the retro patterns, the collection was designed to revive the sweet and interesting fashion style of the 1950s, giving us an illusion, as Monroe and Hepburn appearing on the stage in their girlhood. The COOL collection featured the powerful contrast between the quietness of the black, white and denim blue and the passion of orange, while the ribbons, letters, transparent goggles and waterproof shoes created a sense of future technology in the background composed of the metal materials on the four sides of the swimming pool. Next followed the up-to-date LOVE collection, converting the show stage into a fashion party on a Brazilian beach. The flashing neon signs and the memorial card of the Art Museum were assembled on the costumes of the collection through the marvelous ideas of the designer. Dazzling decorations shone like neon lights and the card-like patterns and large slanting stripes, collided with each other, generating endless changeable combinations and creating a sense reminiscent of the psychedelic and uninhibited temperament of rock and roll of the 1970s. In all the three 2016 S/S collections, we appreciated the interesting elements with endless changes, with which LED’ IN took fashion loving girls on to a fashion journey full of energy, to enjoy the true experience of being themselves and the delights of being young. Be it the interesting retro patterns of the fashion girls in the past, or the smart and cool dress for energetic girls, or the amazing performances of party girls, what is consistent is the life philosophy of “enjoying life”, which LED’ IN has been seeking to convey through its fashion products in this era of changes and innovations. These are the central elements the new visual identity is intended to represent. With the launch of 2016 S/S collection and the new visual identification system, LED’ IN is inviting all young girls: We are here for all change-seeking girls, to enjoy life with LED’ IN, to build confidence with inspiring fashion products and make your own statement of individualism. Please take LED’ IN’s fashion philosophy and life style into your world!



    PEACEBIRD WOMEN 2016 S/S FASHION SHOW was finally unveiled on October 24, with clean lines outlining the T-stage into an up-to-date foosball field. The collision of subtleness and boldness in the style was the first impression PEACEBIRD WOMEN brought us for the season. Present at the ceremony was a long list of top supermodels, including Sasha Luss, Soo Joo Park, Wang Xinyu, You Tianyi, Wang Luping, Li Jingwen, He Cong, and numerous popular celebrities, including well-known actress Song Jia and Li Yuan, fashion blogger Gogoboi, Toni, IT girls Chen Ran and Sayo Akasaka, fashion planner Li Hui, Stylist Liu Xiao as well as a number of top backstage teams, bringing us into the heat of fashion originating from Brazil! Slightly revising in a creative way, we were bold enough to move the Statue of Christ originally placed on the summit of Corcovado onto the foosball field in the center of the T-stage, creating a fantastic yet interesting scenario and a mysterious fashion kingdom, where PEACEBIRD WOMEN presented a fashion show full of adventurous spirit in the spectacular form of foosball field. PEACEBIRD WOMEN 2016 S/S FASHION SHOW expressed a very distinct sense of sports. Those amazing expressions of the trend were only images PEACEBIRD WOMEN created with the costumes, beneath which were PEACEBIRD WOMEN’s sincere regards to modern Brazilians’ humanistic arts and spirit of sports integrated in their pursuit of fashion. While being aroused by the jumpy color blocks of PEACEBIRD WOMEN, people were also attracted by the elegant silky touches at the same time. PEACEBIRD WOMEN 2016 S/S FASHION SHOW restored all elements attributive to a free nation where everybody possesses themselves in awe of the tradition. Yet, we refuse to be refrained. We need to be bold and seek a breakthrough. PEACEBIRD WOMEN has been exploring the heat of fashion. Looking back, we have absorbed the essence of current trend; looking forward, we will discover a more shining and better self.

  • PEACEBIRD New "Four Modernizations", New S ...


    Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "PEACEBIRD"), a Chinese fashion company endeavoring to "Let Everyone Enjoy the Fun of Fashion", has every reason to be proud of its impressive turnover on this Double Eleven (Nov. 11) Shopping Festival: Five brands under its name (PEACEBIRD WOMEN, PEACEBIRD MEN, LED’ IN, MATERIAL GIRL AND MINI PEACE) harvested a total turnover of over 383 million yuan, an increase of 47.3% over that on last Double Eleven Shopping Festival. PEACEBIRD MEN alone realized a sales volume of 194 million yuan, ranking 3rd of all men’s wear brands, with the turnover realized by its online store alone ranked 18th of all brands in Tmall. LED’ IN, the PEACEBIRD brand for girls, saw an even greater success, with a turnover of 90 million yuan, doubled compared with its turnover on the Nov.11, 2014. In 24 hours over 700,000 customers shared the fun of shopping in PEACEBIRD on that special day, with 14 PEACEBIRD products sold in every single second, of which over 80% were sold by wireless terminals. 2015 is the 7th year since PEACEBIRD has participated in the Double Eleven Shopping Festival. General Manager of Online SBU, Weng Jianghong used the term “normal” to describe what happened on the shopping festival. Behind PEACEBIRD’s “normal” performance on the shopping festival were innovations and changes, which had become a “normal” part of the PEACEBIRD’s business. Innovations and changes are exactly what PEACEBIRD has been seeking, as depicted by its corporate culture of “We Love Changes, Thirst to Innovate” and what have sustained the high-rate growth of PEACEBIRD. On Nov.11, 2015, PEACEBIRD realized a new change through its new strategy of new “Four Modernizations”. Integrated Online and Offline Platform Connecting Employees, Products and Stores in the New O2O Business Mode Prudent customers should have noticed that the packages from the shopping festival were sent to them by the nearest PEACEBIRD stores. PEACEBIRD formally adopted the O2O business mode in August this year, experimenting with PEACEBIRD MEN, with remarkable achievements. Thanks to the centralized order processing and distribution system, the mode has been operating successfully so far, with online orders served by stores nearest to ordering customers. This is a further move of PEACEBIRD, a clothing retailer with a history of nearly 20 years toward the Internet. The O2O business mode depends on the integration of online and offline sectors. As the director of the Online SBU of PEACEBIRD puts it, “to realize the success of the O2O business mode, we have to seamlessly integrate the front-end, the back-end and the marketing functions and straighten away problems arising from sharing the customer base and distributing the retailing realized through the integrated platform among different divisions.” A working O2O business mode depends on the seamless integration of employees, products and stores. Employees shall seek to meet the needs of all channels and new products shall be delivered to all stores simultaneously. PEACEBIRD’s over 3,400 stores nationwide are essential to support the O2O business mode. The perfect integration of employees, products and stores will guarantee the closest approach to customers through improved service quality and unparalleled convenience. On this Double Eleven Shopping Festival, PEACEBIRD’s stores successfully fulfilled their tasks. It is expected that more than 300 PEACEBIRD MEN stores will adopted the O2O business mode and LED’ IN and PEACE MINI stores will follow in 2016. Five-star Smart System Kept Improving Efficiency of PEACEBIRD’s Logistic Services The Double Eleven of 2014 was a challenge to PEACEBIRD’s logistic services established with an investment of 500 million yuan. A whole year’s work has fully prepared PEACEBIRD’s five-star logistic services for this Double Eleven Shopping Festival. Drawing on the innovative “mobile, fragmented and flexible” design philosophy and methods, PEACEBIRD’s logistic services have been improving the system design, facility utility and management. On Nov 11, 2015, the most advanced clothing logistic base demonstrated its efficiency to the whole logistic industry: The VNA forklift automatic optimization and navigation system, the BELT PICKING MODEL, realized the integration of the storing and picking processes in channeling goods, the automatic transmission system of a total length of nearly 2,000 meters realized automatic handling of packages across the whole logistic service process and the individualized logistic information system realized the best routing, raising work efficiency and reducing the error rate. It is expected that the largest daily handling volume will reach 250,000 orders by the end of this year. In face of huge increases in the order volumes, PEACEBIRD’s logistic services will not compromise its goal: No order will wait beyond 72 hours. This year, after the goods were out of the warehouse, most orders were delivered through cooperation with SF, the premier logistics quality supplier to ensure that our deliveries were taken the best care of before they reach our customers. Entertainment-based Product and Service Portfolio Ignite a New Marketing Approach "Before, the price adjusting ability of the brand alone will guarantee the sales volume if you open your warehouse and offer a low price. Now, all reputed domestic and foreign brands are available online and discount alone is not enough. The online business is returning to the nature of retail,” the person in charge of the Online SBU of PEACEBIRD said. On this Double Eleven Shopping Festival, besides the motto “More than a 50% discount”, PEACEBIRD launched a series of entertaining and cultural activities. "JUSTONE” was the marketing theme PEACEBIRD MEN set for this Double Eleven Shopping Festival, based on the brand’s understanding that “every customer is unique”. On Nov.11, 2015 alone, 46.09 million readers visited our Weibo titled “JUSTONE”. Taking Tmall as a starting point, in 2015 PEACEBIRD had operated many platforms including Weibo, Wechat, video sites, popular APP during the shopping festival, covering more consumer groups, to create a unique entertainment PEACEBIRD marketing ideas. International Product Channels Guarantees No Time Difference In 2015, we made our step in cross-border Online business through cooperation with Alibaba’s platform to sell Chinese fashion wears abroad, allowing young fashion lovers around the world to experience our understanding of fashion. While integrating international fashion elements in the products, PEACEBIRD values the quality: PEACEBIRD chooses to buy raw materials from COTTON USA, a reputed international cotton product supplier, for fabrics, especially for MINI PEACE products, which adopts more rigorous standard for material selection. Our purpose is to supply consumers with products made of more natural and environmentally friendly materials from USA. We have stuck to our corporate culture, “We are Born to Amaze Customers” and we learn to think from customers’ perspective, and make it a consistent principle for the “normal” business mode for the PEACEBIRD Double Eleven Shopping Festival.

  • PEACEBIRD Peacebird Partners with Alexis M ...


    Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “PEACEBIRD”) formally entered into a partnership with Alexis Mabille, a reputed Haute Couture house based in Paris in April, 2015, with the view of sharing the fashion trend of Paris, the capital of fashion, with Chinese consumers. PEACEBIRD is a retail oriented multi-brand fashion company. Upholding its mission to “Let Everyone Enjoy the Fun of Fashion” and helping every customer to “LIVE SHINING LIFE”, PEACEBIRD is committed to providing customers with quality fashion products at competitive prices. The two parties share much in common as to the understanding of fashion. Graduating from Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, Alexis Mabille, the Creative Director of the house, has been working at Dior and Yves Saint Laurent for over 10 years, and has built a keen fashion vision. Alexis Mabille’s pursuit of the integration of arts and fashion, and its signature design style featuring a bowknot, coincides with PEACEBIRD’s pursuit of arts and fashion and its notion of passing on shininess. It is reported that PEACEBIRD is the first apparel company based in Mainland China that holds shares of a full member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. It is expected to help Alexis Mabille to sell its ready to wear collection in Greater China. The partnership with Alexis Mabille will improve the brand portfolio of PEACEBIRD as well as its expertise in the fashion sector. As a China based fashion company, PEACEBIRD is committed to upgrading the image of China’s apparel industry, combining local brands with more international fashion resources and devoting more to the R&D of the fashion industry, with the view of providing options of higher standard and greater diversity. About Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd. Established in 1995, Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd. now owns 6 brands, namely PEACEBIRD WOMEN, PEACEBIRD MEN, LED’IN, MATERIAL GIRL, AMAZING PEACE and MINI PEACE. PEACEBIRD entered into a joint venture with Iconix USA for the distribution of “MATERIAL GIRL” (a brand co-founded with Madonna) in China in 2013. As of December 31, 2014, PEACEBIRD has established 3,421 stores in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of Mainland China, with a turnover of CNY 7.5 billion. About the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Speaking of fashion, Haute Couture means the dominance of luxury. Haute Couture is the authentic quintessence of France. It’s about apparel, but more importantly, about art. Haute Couture may only be used for fashion brands recommended by la Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and recognized by French Ministry of Industry. As of 2014, the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture has only 15 top brands, including Alexis Mabille, Chanel, Dior,Givenchy, etc. About Alexis Mabille Based in Paris, Alexis Mabille is a French Haute Couture and Ready to Wear house. Its Creative Director, Alexis Mabille, a reputed French fashion designer, once worked at Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. As a full member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, Alexis Mabille is distributed through its two Parisian stores and a portfolio of luxury multi-brand stores across the world.

  • PEACEBIRD MEN Takes You to An Interstellar Tra ...


    May 30, 2015. Stars, aurora, the universe, outer space ... all the most fashionable elements perfectly presented themselves on the much-anticipated PEACEBIRD MEN 2015 A/W Fashion Show by means of 3D high-tech holographic display. PEACEBIRD MEN chose not only the futuristic "space and technology" as the theme of the season, but also used the 3D holographic imaging technology to enhance the most prominent interstellar sci-fi vision of high-tech, taking thousands of visitors to a vast and ethereal universe! PEACEBIRD MEN 2015 A/W Fashion Show boasted an unprecedented level of spectacularity, and the trendy concept captured many leading fashionistas, bringing stars and supermodels together to this futuristic event. Spokesperson Sean Zhang (Zhang Liang), Supermodel He Sui, Fashion Anchor Linda, Fashionistas Frankie Han (Han Huohuo) and Peter Xu (Xu Fengli) all found their own "futuristic" elements in this season and appeared in costumes in the front row, sharing their favorites with other guests. To make a perfect space-themed show, PEACEBIRD MEN invited the world-famous British Hologram team, a team that has served numerous fashion shows, to supervise this event, effectively guaranteeing a technically successful "interstellar travel". This show integrated an abstract concept of fashion with space, creating a top event of the year. Even Chen Xiaoduo, one of “China’s top-ten sopranos" and a maverick in the opera world known for her "fashion attitude and cross-border spirit", presented her unique opera for the event, coincident with PEACEBIRD’s unique and innovative brand essence. As a leading fashion brand in China, PEACEBIRD has strived to "LIVE SHINING LIFE" and make breakthrough innovations. The 3D holographic display makes PEACEBIRD MEN 2015 A/W FASHION SHOW a blockbuster, arousing a great enthusiasm in the fashion circle. Let's look forward to the launch of PEACEBIRD MEN A/W products and let more and more young people "enjoy the fun of fashion"!



    PEACEBIRD WOMEN 2015 Winter "BEHIND THE CURTAIN" fashion show was launched on May 6, 2015, attracting numerous supermodels, fashionistas and many more domestic top fashion figures behind the curtain. The show provided the audience with a fresh visual experience! PEACEBIRD WOMEN brought scenes behind the curtain to the T-stage for the first time, revealing fashion makers in their working scenario and publicizing their working process on T-stage, and providing the audience a chance to experience the charm from the very starting point. At the show, a huge glass house was set up in the center of the stage, creating a pure space with white floor, tables, chairs and stairs. PEACEBIRD WOMEN 2015 WINTER FASHION SHOW surprised you more than that. Theteam behind the curtain of current trend is a crucial element. Now, let’s have a close look at those bigshots behind the curtain! With the background music on, lights focused on the glass house, and supermodel Wang Xiao walked in. Hong Yangwei, the Desing Director, was now ready for tailoring her… She was followed by Qin Shupei, taking the lead of the show, in luxurious furs, a crop top and calf-length ripped jeans. The belt on her slim waist added a unique handsome element to the solidness of the furs, reducing the heaviness and getting rid of the traditional matching of furs and making the whole design fashionable and outspoken. PEACEBIRD WOMEN 2015 WINTER FASHION SHOW could not have gone far without the support of the designers behind the curtain. Their inspirations and creating gifts dictated the perfect integration of the trend and aesthetic values. This time, they themselves are under the spotlights. PEACEBIRD WOMEN has brought us to the start point of the fashion, providing a freshing window to the fashion industry. PEACEBIRD has been focusing on the professionalism and fashion, exploring dreams and seeking to live shining life by making constant breakthroughs.

  • Leaders of Provincial Government Visited PEACEBIRD ...


    In the afternoon of May 5, a delegation from the provincial and local governments, including Deputy Governor Liang Liming of Zhejiang Province, Deputy Secretary-General Chen Zongyao of the Provincial Government of Zhejiang, Director Zhou Rixing of the Office of Commerce of the provincial government, Deputy Mayor Lin Jingguo of Ningbo and CPC Secretary Bian Ji'an of Cixi visited Cixi PEACEBIRD Logistics Co., Ltd., a branch of Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd. The government leaders first met with Chairman Zhang Jiangping and learned about the recent development of PEACEBIRD. Visiting leaders spoke highly of the admirable performance of PEACEBIRD in the garment retail industry and the rapid development of the E-commence of PEACEBIRD. The visiting leaders expressed their specific positive comments on the forward-looking vision on the distribution logistics services and the leading technology adopted for the services. The visiting leaders also listened to the detailed on-site presentation of how PEACEBIRD has exerted its efforts to address difficulties it has encountered in introducing and deploying a full series of internationally leading precision core technology and the belt picking module, including especially the information system, the belt conveyor line, the cross-type sorter, sliding box-sorting machines and automatic balers. Informed of the numerous honours and patents PEACEIBRD has won in this field, the visiting leaders expressed their positive comments. Recognizing the efforts and achievements of the logistics center in this aspect, Mr. Liang even postponed the planned schedule and had further discussions with the staff. He concluded their visit by setting out higher expectations for PEACEBIRD and expressing their hope that the Company will make further contribution to the public and the logistic industry.

  • Fashion Platform Six Peacebird Brands Debut at CH ...


    This is the first time that PEACEBIRD, a regular participant of China International Clothing and Accessories Fair (CHIC), to make its presence at CHIC with a full collection of its six brands, stationed in ,IN SIGNATURE, an exhibition section gathering the best fashion brands of the greatest influence in China, with the view of exploring potentials for developing new distribution modes and creating and innovating on the marketing modes. Peacebird’s presence at CHIC highlights the fashion of the East on “the Topmost Fashion Stage of Asia”, informing more people of Peacebird and its six brands and communicating the cultural values and fashion elements of Peacebird. This exhibition of PEACEBIRD is to “fully express the philosophy and value of the brands in unique manners.” Adopting the widely recognized concept of “starry sky” for its space design, Peacebird displays its products of different styles of its six brands by highlighting their fashionable elements through multi-dimension video demonstrations and posters. For the booth design, PEACEBIRD creates a sense of future space through embedded gradient lighting tube and mirror walls, so that as if the visitors were in a “space station”. What’s more, no fashion product is exhibited in the booth, as the design philosophy is to avoid traditional display of fashion by means of windows and models, but builds a frame full of sense of future, allowing every visitor to “see, listen and smell” all at the same time. The point is to provide opportunities for visitors to feel more about the unique temperament of PEACEBIRD and its attitude towards fashion, beyond the sales of products. As a Chinese brand founded about the same time as CHIC, PEACEBIRD has been devoted to becoming a great fashion brand retailer since its foundation in 1995. Strongly commited to the values and sprit of the brand, Peacebirds has adopted a brand-grading development strategy and has developed six brands, including PEACEBIRD WOMEN, PEACEBIRD MEN, LED-IN, MATERIAL GIRL, AMAZING PEACE and Mini Peace. The brands target at different market segments complement each other in terms of target consumer groups, brand positioning and product designs. “Fashion, Shining and Fun” summarizes the cultural pursuit of the Company through 20 years of accumulation. The joint debut of those six brands on this CHIC exemplifies the diversified cultural elements of the brands and the consistence corporate spirit of PEACEBIRD. Founded in the East yet keeping the pace of the international fashion trend, Peacebird has its own insights about fashion, amazing the Chinese clothing industry and customers at every display, successfully transforming “from China to global” in increasingly fierce competition. PEACEBIRD’s “Fashion Space Station” has taken off, and will become the most shining fashion brand in China with its smart, popular and unique brand image.

  • PEACEBIRD 2015 Ceremony “TIME” & Staff Mee ...


    PEACEBIRD 2015 Ceremony “TIME” & Staff Meeting 2014 was held in Nanyuan Hotel on 2nd February, with about 2,000 associates from the headquarterpresent. The ceremony was designed to be a three-stage event, beginning with the awarding ceremony to recognize outstanding teams in 2014. Then Mr. Zhang Jiangping, the Chairman of PEACEBIRD, gave a speech, summarizing the work of of the Group in 2014, reviewing milestones and challenges in 2014, and sharing his outlooks into 2015. The ceremony ended successfully with passionate outlines for 2015 shared by 13 senior executives. Thanks to the passion and insistence of the founder and our unchanged initial enthusiasm for fashion and clothing industry, PEACEBIRD was able to develop rapidly these years. That was why the ceremony was named “TIME”. Awards List: Best Sourcing Team- PEACEBIRD WOMEN Production Center Best Operation- PEACEBIRD WOMEN Operation Dept. 2 Best Design- PEACEBIRD WOMEN Design Center & PEACEBIRD MEN Design Center Best Merchandising Development - PEACEBIRD WOMEN Merchandising SBU Best Store Image- PEACEBIRD MEN Store Image Dept. Best Supporting Dept. – Financial Office of E-Commerce SBU Best Store Development - Mini Peace Store Development Dept. Best Innovation - Syatem R&D Dept. IT Center.HQ. Excellence and Progress -E-Commerce SBU

  • “UP IN THE AIR” LED’IN Fashion Show 2015A/W A Star-studded Happy Journey ...


    LED’IN Fashion Show 2015 F/W-UP IN THE AIR came on stage in the evening of March 24, 2015. Inspired by Aéroport Lyon Saint-Exupéry, the show combined the concept of UP IN THE AIR and the spacious structure of the gym, creating a gorgeous stage for “LED’IN Airport”. The layout of the show followed that of airport: arrival, departure, check-in, security check and duty free shop, where limited and special products codesigned by a talent illustrator jiweiJW and LED’IN were offered. LED’IN combined main stream and diversified fashion elements together in its new products, allowing girls enjoy the fun of fashion and life by dressing in a mix&match and fun&play style.



    PEACEBIRD WOMEN 2015S Fashion Show “NEBULA” was held on 1st November, 2014, presenting the Egyptian Mythology onto the show stage, with floating dazzling dishes in the air, encouraging the audience to explore the dressing fashions of Ancient Egypt. The supermodel Ms. Wang Xiao came to the show stage of “NEBULA” as the first model, lifting the veil of PEACEBIRD WOMEN 2015S. Fashion Icon Frankie Han(Han Huohuo), IT girl Chen Ran, fashion celebrity Peter Xu(Xu Fengli), fashion blogger BoyNam, stylist Liu Xiao and fashion icon Eric Gao were all among the guests invited to the show. PEACEBIRD WOMEN 2015S Fashion Show was inspired by the virgin forest. The show Collection combined traditional process and fabrics with modern lines and styles, mixing different concepts with the geometric, floral and animal images for a refreshing effect. STREET Collection 2015S was based on lively sea animals featuring fragility. The regular geometric, floral, alphabetic and striped images were expressed in new forms through embroidery positioning and digitization. Using hieroglyphics, mysterious desert images and pyramid shapes, STYLE Collection 2015S showed humanistic care for and respect towards nature through modern creativity and craftsmanship, aiming at exploring Utopia in one’s heart. The show presented the grace of PEACEBIRD WOMEN products, and moreover, it displayed PEACEBIRD’s devoted pursuit of the fashion.

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  • Mini Peace “Pure Love” Show 2015S ...


    Mini Peace Fashion Show “Pure Love” 2015S was put on like a beautiful dream on October 20. The show integrated garment products with different elements such as the ocean, rain drops, printing, silk, and sports as well as the innocence. Sixty cute little children models in Mini Peace dresses created a world as pure as crystal and take the audience to a happy journey to pure love!

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  • Castle in the Sky LED’IN Fashion Show 2015S/S ...


    A floating castle and pure sky: LED’IN Fashion Show 2015S/S brought LED’IN fans into a dreamy world “Castle in the Sky”. The appearance of Ms. Zhou Dongyu, a famous actress in China, in her elegant and refreshing garment was like a fresh breeze to the audience, When interviewed after the show, Zhou expressed her appreciation of the new releases and her own insights about fashion. Most articles of TIBI Collection were designed in light colors except the last series in red, highlighting the whole collection. The theme of LOVE Collection 2015S/S was “cubic sweetness”, and the whole collection was featured with surrealism, cubism and DeStijl’s abstract notions. COOL Collection features a hot sports style and combined Mexican folk style, and Japanese-South Korean street arts, advocating “elegant sports” and “street arts”. LED’IN Fashion Show 2015S/S not only presented the audience with a fresh fashion festival, but also showed LED’IN’s restless pursuit of fashion. LED’IN presents a fresh lifestyle and fashion concept for 18-25 girls with its new releases for every season.

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    AWAKENING CHARMS OF FASHION – PEACEBIRD MEN Fashion Show 2015S was held in Ningbo International Trade&Exhibition Center on the evening of July 22, 2014. PEACEBIRD MEN combined fashion and sports elements in its new releases. Mr. Zhang Liang, the famous supermodel, together with other 60 intentional top models, “awakened” the audience’s fashion vision on the 8,000㎡ show stage!

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  • PEACEBIRD Corporate Culture Inauguration C ...


    PEACEBIRD Corporate Culture Inauguration Ceremony was held on the morning of June 4, involving Mr. Zhang Jiangping, Chairman of PEACEBIRD, and all associates of the Group. We have been upholding a shared notion since the inception of Peacebird in 1995. Mr. Zhang Jiangping, the founder, and every associate of PEACEBIRD, have been committed to the corporate values of the enterprise with the support of this shared notion. The corporate culture and values helped developing a common understanding and recognition of share identity and building up a strong cohesion and competency. Our mission: Let Everyone Enjoy the Fun of Fashion! Our vision: A Great Fashion Brand Retailer. Our core values: Values: We Believe in People. We Insist on Unyielding Integrity. We Love Fashion. We are Born to Amaze Customers. We Love Changes, Thirst to Innovate. Keep it Simple. Remember the Founder and Every Associate.

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    ICE FAIRLAND - PEACEBIRD WOMEN Fashion Show 2014W brought iceberg spectacles to the stage! Supermodel Wang Xiao and other international models walked elegantly on the ice-blue runway with snowflakes flying in the air, highlighting the theme of the fashion show - “ICE FAIRLAND”. The show consisted of 3 collections - SHOW, STREET, and STYLE. PEACEBIRD WOMEN Fashion Show 2014W not only presented an impressive fashion festival to the audience, but also expressed PEACEBIRD WOMEN’s consistent pursuit of fashion.

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  • “PAPER MAGIC” -Mini Peace Fashion Show 2014F/W ...


    PAPER MAGIC-Mini Peace Fashion Show 2014F/W was held in Ningbo International Trade&Exhibition Center on the evening of April 8, 2014. The show stage was decorated with attractive beautiful paper works. PAPER MAGIC made the stage a fairyland full of love and the color white symbolized innocence and beauty.

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  • MATERIAL GIRL Made Its Debut at CHIC 2014 ...


    The 22nd CHIC, the biggest and most influential clothing brand exhibition in Asia, was held in Beijing between March 26 and 29, 2014. MATERIAL GIRL, a US modern girls’ favorite brand has been well-received among the 90s girls since its joint entry into China with PEACEBIRD in August 2013. Born in USA, MATERIAL GIRL was based on Madonna and her daughter Lola’s inspiring designs, combining Madonna’s rock&roll spirit and her advanced fashion concept. MG’s debut at CHIC 2014 provided a chance for the audience to appreciate this fresh brand.

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  • Zhang Liang and Wang Xiao Attended PEACEBIRD New LOGO Inau ...


    There was a splendid occasion at Pangu 7 Star Hotel Beijing on the evening of March 27,2014. Celebrities, stars, international super models and media representatives gathered here to witness the PEACEBIRD new LOGO inauguration ceremony “SHINING NEW LOOK”. Sean Zhang(Zhang Liang) and Wang Xiao, representing PEACEBIRD MEN and PEACEBIRD WOMEN respectively, attended the presentation and witnessed the shining moment. The new logo of PEACEBIRD was inspired by ancient legends, and it was the symbol of the mysterious and everlasting evolvement. And it was the best expression of the development of PEACEBIRD. With PEACEBIRD WOMEN, PEACEBIRD MEN, LED’IN, MATERIAL GIRL, AMAZING PEACE and Mini Peace, PEACEBIRD has been devoted to making an outstanding fashion brand in Asia. PEACEBIRD took this opportunity to award Sean Zhang(Zhang Liang), PEACEBIRD MEN’s image representative, a medal for his “Glorious 10 Years”. Another celebrity, Ms. Wang Xiao, international super model and PEACEBIRD WOMEN’s first image representative in the last 15 years, was another attraction ofthis evening. Perhaps the most inspiring news this evening was the international cooperation between PEACEBIRD and MATERIAL GIRL. Through the Inauguration of the new logo, the audience were impressed with a more fashionable and international PEACEBIRD.

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