about us


Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd, (Stock code:SH603877) (hereinafter abbr. as“Peacebird”) ,is a consumer-centric fashion brand retailer. With the mission of “Let Everyone Enjoy the Fun of Fashion”, Peacebird aims to be the leading fashion brand for Chinese youth.
In 1996, Mr. ZHANG, Jiangping created PEACEBIRD brand from the inspiration of dove, symbolizing peace and love, together with his partners. Focusing on the fashion industry, Peacebird implements a gradient branding strategy. With the brand portfolio of PEACEBIRD WOMEN, PEACEBIRD MEN, LEDIN, Mini Peace, MATERIAL GIRL, PETiT AVriL, PEACEBIRD LIVIN and COPPOLELLA, with differentiated mixture of products, prices and styles, Peacebird tries to meet the increasingly diversified consumers’ needs of fashion.
Adhering to “Fashion-Driven” strategy, Peacebird has been devoting great efforts to improve its R&D competence since the first day. The R&D team, which has more than 500 talents with international vision, insists on the design philosophy of consumer-centric original creativity with contemporary fashion. More than 10,000 new styles are being launched every year to delight the customers.
Adhering to “Omni-Driven” strategy, Peacebird has been devoting great efforts to both offline and online development. With the beginning of 2008, its online business reached the daily retail of RMB14.5 mn on Nov. 11, 2019. Together with 4,632 nationwide offline stores, Peacebird generated retail sales of RMB12.8 bn in 2020.
Peacebird has a team of 12,000 employees in its headquarters, own stores, logistics center and own factories. Peacebird believes in “Customer-Centric” and “Striving-Birdie-Oriented” with the following 7 mottos:
  • 1. We believe in people;
  • 2. We insist on unyielding integrity;
  • 3. We love fashion;
  • 4. We are born to amaze customers;
  • 5. We love changes, thirst to innovate;
  • 6. Keep it simple;
  • 7. Remember the founders and every associate.
Under the corporate strategic goal of “Becoming The Leader in China's Fashion Industry”, following the 3D strategy of “Fashion-Driven, Data-Driven and Omni-Driven”, Peacebird keeps on self-improving and striving, towards the exciting vision of “The Greatest Fashion Brand Retailer”.