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Milan Street-wear & Skateboarding brand, COPPOLELLA Skateboarding, was founded by street artist Paolo Coppolella in Milan in 2016. The brand is rooted in skateboard culture, a minimalist aesthetic, and ironic design. Full product line includes street-wear and lifestyle items. Using velociraptor silhouette as brand logo imply to—a ferocious creature community that lives eternal in all memories. Therefore, Rebellion 、Adventure , as well as questioning mainstream values have become the consistent street spirit of the brand. COPPOLELLA have skaters with outstanding abilities, also have been working with Italian skateboard label “SKATE FARM”and Shanghai skateboard label“ATD”to launch skateboards and accessories, at the same time, occasionally cooperated with several European street artists and illustrators to create a full range of art capsule series.


NO.826, Huancheng RD (W), Ningbo, Zhejiang