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PEACEBIRD宁波太平鸟时尚服饰股份有限公司 - MINI PEACE

Mini Peace is a children's wear brand of the Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd. It communicates a fashion concept full of happiness and love as its brand spirit, gives children innate elegance and sense of fashion, allows them to cross the boundary of fairy tales and records memories of love-filled growth. Mini Peace is to create a fashion brand for children in Asia.

The product series consists of two sub-brands, "Boy" for boys and "Girl" for girls. "Boy" is inspired by childishness and playfulness, stressing fitness and comfort and intended to create a naïve children’s image. The Girl series combines elegance and dreaminess with comfortable and individualized designs, intended to create a lovely and energetic girl’s image.

Through its keen sense of fashion, strict material selection and exquisite workmanship, Mini Peace displays the complete combination of fabric, design and workmanship, and presents kids with a fashion concept of comfort, fitness and naivety.


NO.826, Huancheng RD (W), Ningbo, Zhejiang