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PEACEBIRD宁波太平鸟时尚服饰股份有限公司 - HOME

PEACEBIRD LIVIN' was established in 2012 as a Pan-Nordic Life Aesthetics brand. The founders of the brand visited European cities, seeking exciting encounters and exploring the aesthetics of the local life. In a foreign country, we were fascinated by the life philosophy of a Danish town, Hygge, people stay away from complex techniques and live simple life. This inspired us and led to this brand, one born with a dream to allow more people to embrace the beauty of life.

With the vision of “Let everyone enjoy the fun of fashionable home”, PEACEBIRD LIVIN' builds a lifestyle brand that is suitable for young customers and family customers. The brand adopts the SPA retail model and develops the retail system with direct sales and online sales as the core channels in domestic first and second-tier cities. The product range covers many areas such as bedroom, living room, kitchen and sanitary ware, mostly home textiles, fragrances, kitchen appliances and furniture. PEACEBIRD LIVIN' integrates fashion creativity and home life to provide customers with a comfortable, stylish and enjoyable shopping experience.


NO.826, Huancheng RD (W), Ningbo, Zhejiang