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PetitAvril is a children's wear sub-brand of Peacebird. It features a ladybug with magic power bestowed by elves, flying freely around and bringing joy and luck to children.

PetitAvril is determined to provide "safe, comfortable, interesting, fashionable, simple and easy-going" children’s wear, with the purpose of allowing children the cost-effective fun of fashion.

Dedicated to boys and girls aged 1-12 (with a height range of 80cm-150cm), its products come in three series for boys, girls and babies.

"Boy" series: Highlighting light sports, the products emphasizes health, comfort and dress boys in a healthy and leisurely style.

"Girl" series: Featuring interesting lines and stylish tailoring, the products seek to be interesting and fashionable to create a "lively and cute" image of girls.

"Baby" series: Focusing on comfort, the products seek to provide "care and warm" for babies with soft and comforting fabrics.

The producer seeks to keep children company and help and encourage them to enjoy life with due regards to their interests and personality.

Moreover, the products care about children's true feelings and emotional needs, look at the world in children's eyes and seek to help children explore and learn about the world with products of sound quality.

Following the its brand notion of “entertaining children to the fullest with cost-efficient fashionable products”, PetitAvril seeks to present urban young families with cost-efficient, comfortable, interesting and friendly children’s wear products to inspire the emotional empathy in young parents and convey the concept of artistic and fashionable life.


NO.826, Huancheng RD (W), Ningbo, Zhejiang