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Campus Recruitment

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1. When will the nationwide recruitment start?

Generally we start campus recruitment around the end of August, with the advertising scheduled at the end of September and the recruitment team will enter the campus from mid-October. You can keep informed of our recruitment progress by subscribing our official websites, Wechat and Sina microblog.

2. What's the registration schedule?

Generally we arrange collective registration and training for the graduates in March or July.

3. How will I be informed whether I am recruited?

We send notices through SMS and E-mail during the recruitment and job offers will be sent to successful applicants.

4. When will the three-party agreement be signed?

After receiving our offers, the candidates can send the three-party agreement with university’s stamp to us through mail or express. The agreement will be returned to the candidates after the completion of our inner procedures.

5. How will the personnel documents and residence registration be managed?

After the registration, above documents can be transferred to the Personnel Bureau of Haishu District, Ningbo.

6. When will the social security and housing fund be collected?

We pay social security and the housing fund for all formal employees in HQ. The social security will be funded in the following month within trial employment, and the housing fund will be paid after the trial employment.

7. How is the induction training scheduled?

The training will be conducted by different SBUs according to different positions. Generally, the new employees will be trained collectively for 6~8 months.

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