Social Responsibility


PEACEBIRD upholds a human-oriented business philosophy, and the values that “we believe in people” and “remember the founder and every associate” are the crucial foundation of team building. PEACEBIRD complies strictly with existing national laws and regulations, ensures every associate is entitled to his/her legal rights, and has set up a sound system of social security, salary&welfare, performance evaluation and training. PEACEBIRD has made huge investment in the production manufacturing platform, brought in international advanced equipment and improved work efficiency, while reducing associates’ work load and safety risks at the same time.

In order to realize PEACEBIRD’s vision “Let everyone enjoy the fun of fashion”, create a pleasant office environment and reduce the content of harmful substances in the air, PEACEBIRD has planted a large number of plants in office areas. PEACEBIRD has its own cafe on the premise of the company and sets up a pantry area in each office, so that there is a relaxed and happy working environment and every associate will enjoy their leisure time. We believe that “happiness is a kind of productivity”.